Tour Schedule 2019
Greece Tour - September 2019
Comprehensive Healing and Training in Hermetics and Shamanism with Foster and Kristos in Beverly Hills
Magical Kabbalistic Amulets and Talismans
The Art of Shamanism
Private Sessions with Foster and Kristos and SKYPE sessions with Kristos
Beverly Hills Area Events
Golden Hummingbird Fees
Hypnosis CDs
Golden Hummingbird 30th Anniversary
Foster's Video

Dear Friends of the Golden Hummingbird Healing Work and Trainings

The Hummingbird Healing work has grown to 24 countries and 17.000 participants. The high quality healing sessions and trainings have been established successfully during the past 25 years. Founded by Foster Perry , we offer spiritual instructions to reach the stages of higher knowledge and to awaken intuitive awareness as a spiritual path.

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Foster Perry
At the center of our being there is an inner sound. We can learn to listen to it and discern it from all the noise which fills our minds. The soul is our true voice, the path...
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