– Training in Shamanic Healing, Kabbalah, Wicca, Higher Magic, Hermetics, Angelic Work, and many more
 1-2-1 and Group Healing Sessions also available globally please visit tour schedule
– Tours to Sacred Places with spiritual individual guidance, spirit channelling and teaching
– Supporting spiritual growth: BooksMeditationsMusic, and Hypnosis sessions
– Private Zoom Sessions: Clairvoyance, Numerology and Astrology Session with Kristos T. Perry
– Private Healing Sessions with Kristos and Foster in their Center in Summerlin and online via Zoom
– What is Shamanism? – Advanced Comprehensive Training in Shamanic practices



The Hummingbird Healing work has grown to 24 countries and more than 17.000 participants. The high quality healing sessions and trainings have been established successfully during the past 30 years. Founded by Foster Perry and since many years combined with Kristos Tsompanelis, we offer spiritual instructions to reach the stages of higher knowledge and to awaken intuitive awareness as a spiritual path.

Our teachings encompass:

  • Kabbalistic Instruction and Kabbalistic Magic (including the 4 letter keys).
  • Alchemy, 3 grades of vocal magic, numerology.
  • Angelic work (including Angelic seals and Psalm work), Kameas.
  • Clairvoyant Theta level training, sonic work through Mantras.
  • Mudras, the opening of the 24 gates in the body.
  • Shamanic training in healing (soul retrieval, spirit removal, generational curse removal, journeying, storytelling, vocal harmonic instruction, Kundalini excercises, cord removal, sealing the aura, work with the qualities of animals, herbs and trees).

We offer clear instruction on esoteric anatomy:

  • Auras and the matrix between the sheets of the Aura, Chakras and how they work.
  • Balancing the 4 elements with the 5th element, frequencies and virtues of the Divine.
  • How to load a symbol.
  • We also discuss Hermetics, the laws of the Universe, healing of past lives and techniques to raise the Vital Energy.

We discuss in-depth:

  • The nature of the soul, the different bodies – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • How spiritual guides aid us.
  • The purpose of each person’s soul or the frame each person created for their incarnation.
  • The significant past lives that affect this life.

Golden Hummingbird is like a healing university which offers:

  1. In-depth, unique trainings and workshops with different content.
  2. Weekend healing seminars for personal healing in a group setting.
  3. Private sessions as one on one reading and therapy.

A weekend workshop or private session:
is more a one-on-one encounter of healing and awakening. It gives a good taste of the Golden Hummingbird healing experience. In these more personal meetings, we correct interruptions of the life plan of an individual, inspire to take a new direction and offer clarity.

  • Foster and Kristos work in a unique, clear and straightforward manner.
  • Kristos gives a reading of the karmic patterns of the soul.

This includes the exact past lives that effect this incarnation, the connection from other incarnations with family, marriage partners and children – whatever is relevant to the healing.

Foster offers very strong healing work to release the inhibiting patterns from the body and memory. This strengthens the body and clears out all emotional patterns that sabotage a person’s life. A person feels lighter, clearer in their mind, at peace with the past and ready to work diligently on developing their soul. We never let a person get up from a healing unless the deeper, more permanent colors of the aura change and are stabilized.

Each session is unique, comprehensive and detailed.
A Private Healing Session lasts about two hours, while a workshop session is usually shorter and to the point, according to particular questions or issue faced.
We know this healing work is profound and gets to the causes of illnesses.
By revealing the emotional patterns behind an illness or addictive behavior, we are given all the choices to correct our beliefs and decisions. Then we can reveal our true self and be authentic.

Authenticity is an outcome of this work as well as how to be a better person, to be more aware and in control of one’s life. We teach how to create your own life, to be your own Creator. Not just to dream, but to plan your life with consciousness and awareness of the effect your thoughts and actions have on yourself and others.
We discuss how a child is created and how we die, how to discipline and control the ego and to accomplish what you plan for your life.


  • Personalized Hypnosis Session – Kristos puts in positive implants in the subconscious for health and success. A session lasts from 90 to 120 minutes.
  • Personal Shamanic Healing Session – it is an opportunity to spend time with Foster and go deeply in to the healing. A session lasts from 90 to 180 minutes.For more information please check:

If you like to know more about our Tour Schedule and when which events will take place, please visit:

Thank you for going with us on these journeys to learn the greatest amount of ancient knowledge and to put it all in to practice to better our lives and consciousness.

From our hearts and with respect for you and the Creator,
Foster John Perry

NEW TRAINING IN MAGICK, HERMETICS, AND SPIRITUALITY: A NEW Comprehensive Training with Kristos and Foster in Indian Wells, California, USA. A Training in Hermetics , Healing and Shamanism with Foster and Kristos at our Center. In this training we will begin the Hekate Rituals, Durga Rituals, Solomonic and Abramelin Magick, Sumerian Magick, Hexagram Rituals, Pentagram Rituals, Advanced Wicca and Kabbalistic Magick with Tarot, Tarot Pathways with Astrology, Herbal remedies, Magical Oils, Root Magick, Star magic, Planetary Rituals, Conjuring, Mojo bags, visits to the main Witch of Los Angeles for herbs, remedies and Candle magic. New Talismanic magick is taught with Beginning and Advanced techniques by Kristos, and Healings with Foster for each person attending.

Kristos gives a reading of the Aura and of karmic patterns of the soul. This includes the exact past lives that effect this incarnation, the connection from other incarnations with family, marriage partners and children and all other important patterns or events – whatever is relevant to the healing. He looks also into your numerological and astrological background in this session and connects all that information into an intense consultation.

Kristos is creating handmade amulets and talismans. They are handmade on real animal parchment, personalized and customized to bless, assist and magically support various aims on the path to fulfillment. These amulets have to be written during certain times according to ancient traditions. The power of divine names and magic squares, empowered through a secret cabalistic ritual by Kristos. With your order please provide your name, your mothers first name and your exact birthdate. If you choose a life seal you have to provide us of a print or outline of your hand and may submit it via email, fax or mail with your order. You can choose the following subjects: Love / Relationships Success / Money / Business / Health/ Pregnancies Life Seal / Protection from evil energies and protection for the home! The invest: Amulet / Talisman 60$ + 9% tax Solomon’s seal 130$ + 9% tax Life seal 199$ + 9% tax The life seals and solomon seal must be at home as they are too large to carry (size is about 25×22.5 cm / 9×8 inches) but the amulets/ talisman must be carried on the body either in a small bag or in a locket, but they are the only ones that should be carried in general. Also no problem having various pieces as they complement each other through the names of God. Allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery as the timing has to be calculated individually.

Aloha Maui Thank You Kristos T. Perry Foster Perry for this pilgrimage, sharing honi, hula, blessings, immersing in sacred pools and waterfalls. Hiking down (and up) from 10000 feet into the womb of the Haleakala volcano, communing with the Pacific Ocean sea turtles and amazing fish. I am now forever connected to this place of fire rainbows and sweet breezes. My heart is overflowing


It was a True Blessing to be able to sit with you and the other beautiful souls within your workshop out here in Quogue, NY. I’m deeply honored for the extra time we were gifted to spend with you as well. Bless You, Bless You, Bless You Beloved Brother. Namaste SAT NAM


Maui, Hawaii. it was a great journey , a big healing and a lot of blessing ! Thank you Foster and Kristos i m so happy , grateful and I understand the word ALOHA ! I wanna to live the ALOHA spirit !


„Ein Füllhorn an Wissen – verpackt in moderne Umsetzbarkeit- umhüllt mit purer Liebe – das ist das großartige Geschenk von  Foster und Kristos. Es berührt deine Seele, es verändert dein Leben – danke für die wundervollen Workshops und Seminare.“

Ulla Bushart

“I met Foster and Kristos in a very difficult phase in my life (my early twenties). I had no fulfillment. No one saw anything in me, not even myself. They believed in me when noon else was: they saw potential even I could not see. I am eternally grateful to both for giving me a purpose for my life and giving a direction to where my life should and will go: a goal so to speak.“

Stefan Gonglach

I have been blessed to be chosen as translator into Spanish of some of the work of Kristos and Foster and this has given me the chance to learn with these two great masters. I must say my career in the Spiritual Field has been a “before and after” in my life and I am so grateful to them for this. I highly recommend their teachings for personal growth and evolution.”

Patricia Tabares

“My experience with Foster and Kristos is a continuous learning and deep improvement of myself. I met them years ago and I really discovered myself, my real path, my deep dimension. My way of healing patients improved so much. Much Love and gratitude!“

Giovanna Gatti

“No words to describe the gift of meeting Foster and Kristos – eternal gratitude!“

Bruno Dedato

Faz mais de dez anos que conheço o trabalho desses dois grandes professores na área da espiritualidade. Com tanta riqueza de conhecimento, amor e alegria. Eles transmitem o que sabem com grande maestria. É uma honra poder fazer parte dessa comunidade e de seus cursos. São práticas eficazes, profundas e transformadoras. Sou grato por tê-los conhecido nessa vida !!!!

Daniel Osorio

„With my deepest respect I give thanks to Foster Perry  and Kristos T. Perry  who inspired protected and guided me about 10 years now by revelating surprising wonderful magick wisdom . They both teach their pupils in such charismatic way. The purpose always is to uplift, to bring them to inner freedom and being able and willing to lead a happy life in responsibility for yourself, planet earth and by your own transformation making the World a better place. I am so grateful that you found me.”

Thank you for this super fine Homepage of the Golden Hummingbird

Ursula Sackmann-Wittig

I would like to highly recommend privet sessions and workshops with Foster and Kristos

I took part in workshops full of creativity high quality and enormous knowledge both of them. Foster and Kristos I would like to say manny thanks appreciates and gratitude what thay teach me to empower me in my work and life to have possibilities to connect to Goddesses and Gods. It give me inspiration guidance intuitive healing in homeopathy feeling and understanding patients and opening up the wounds.

Working with Foster and Kristos give enormous inspiration guidance. I decided to change careers start new education. Foster empower women to look for the true purpose of life. They work with me to bing balance giving, strength, hope and purpose for the future. Live is the passion it can be

There are not enough adjectives to describe my gratitude for Foster and Kristos. I had the honour of first meeting them for a private session nearly 15 years ago.
I had no idea what I was in for; I just knew I had to see them.
The rest as they say is history. I have been party to many workshops with both Foster and Kristos in person and online. The love; the care and the unique teachings are indescribably beautiful and fun. You don’t realize until hindsight just how healing the laughs, the stories and the insights are as you study and train with them.
The abilities they have to help you see your truth and guide you to the best teaching path for you whilst removing any obstacles; are divine in the purest sense.
My life has changed for the better in so many ways since meeting Foster and Kristos.
If you feel a calling; listen to it. It will be the best decision you ever made.
With eternal love and gratitude.