We will have trainings in Indian Wells at our Center starting in late JUNE, JULY and AUGUST.

These are NEW seminars where we go in depth into the Atlantis training, Egyptian training and much more- a combination of Magic Hermetic training with Kristos and Shamanic Healing for each person and training with Foster.

The first training at their home in 2021. Kristos is teaching a whole new course to explore Elemental bending, Infinity consciousness the Atlantis ritual, the 4 Kings and Orion ritual, Geomancy in detail, Past Life work and healing, stones, crystals with Foster and Kristos- this is a whole new level of training with lunch and dinner served with a day in nature at Joshua Tree, working with the Ancient Divinities for healing and self- empowerment.


They are ONE WEEK long trainings.

Please find your own lodgings with a 5 minute drive to our center- there are many hotels in Indian Wells, and very close to us in Palm Desert (including a Best Western and Holiday Inn that are inexpensive to stay in. Please book your own accommodations- also AIRBNB is available nearby in Indian Wells only).



Each training is always 1,599 US Dollars plus 7.75% sales tax which is $1,718.92 in total. This includes lunch and dinner, all taxes, each day.



The first training date: please arrive on June12. The training begins on June 13 at 10 AM. The training ends on June 20 at 1 PM. You can book your flight back home for the same day from Palm Springs airport.

The second training date: will take place August 29- September 5, arrival is best on August 28th. The training begins at 10 AM on August 29 and will finish on Sep. 5th at 1 PM. You can book your flight home from Palm Springs airport on Sep. 5th.


Each training is comprehensive, with personal healings, in depth advanced teachings with Kristos and Foster, lunches and dinners (mostly vegetarian, vegan, and most dishes gluten free- fish will be served for those who want this and ask for it beforehand).

We offer these 3 trainings this summer with air conditioning indoors, swimming each day in the pool if you desire, water and iced herbal detox teas provided throughout the day.

A shuttle will take you back and forth only within a 5 minute radius of our Center as there are many resorts, hotels near us and we will drive you back and forth as long as you are close in Indian Wells or Palm Desert only. If you stay in Palm Springs or further than 5 minute, you will need to have or rent a car. UBER is also available in our area, but please download the UBER app beforehand. There are many restaurants within 5 minutes of our Center as well as every kind of shopping.


Please put on your packing list: sunscreen, sun hat, sun glasses, sneaker or hiking boots, sandals, light  summer clothing and bathing suit.


There is hiking, hot springs, sacred sites and numerous resorts nearby as well as outlet shopping if you wish to stay longer in the area. Our facilities are air conditioned all day long and at a comfortable indoor temperature.


For more information please contact us: office@goldenhummingbird.com.


We are looking forward to seeing you. For the application form please click here.