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Online Workshop

Kristos takes us in his workshops e.g. to the New Aeon of Atlantis, explains the Akashic Chronicles and the technique of Astral Travel, shares his knowledge about crystals and healing stones and dedicates a workshop to the fascinating topic of Geomancy. Foster and Kristos offer online also their well-known Shamanic Healing workshops with an individualized healing where everyone is deeply worked on with Shamanic and Kabbalistic techniques.

Tour Schedule

Here you will soon find again our tour schedule to the US East Coast, Europe and South America. Due to the special situation and the travel restrictions we cannot visit our worldwide friends in person at the moment.

Private Session

Private Consultations and Healing Sessions are an one-on-one encounter of healing and awakening. It gives a good taste of the Golden Hummingbird healing experience. In these personal meetings, we correct interruptions of the life plan of an individual, inspire to take a new direction and offer clarity.


Learn more about our New Trainings in Indian Wells: We go in depth into the Atlantis training, Egyptian training and much more- a combination of Magic Hermetic training with Kristos and Shamanic Healing for each person and training with Foster.