Online Workshop with KRISTOS: Past Life Regression 

The cellular memory and its effects on our present state are undeniable supported by thousands of reports of past life memory and rebirths. Every religion believes in a life after but less is truly understood how past life memories guide us and serve us in making the best future decisions.

Discover a deep trance technique that gets you to the appropriate depth, where you can access real information. The recovery of cellular memory will allow relief and release of traumas and spiritual PTSD. The result is forgiveness, love, and healing through a transformational process. Past life healing is future wellbeing!

It is a 5 hours online workshop with workbook provided.


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Online Workshop with KRISTOS: Atlantis – The new Aeon

Before the word of man formed ideas of reality, there was only the pure force of nature.
The Atlantean frequency that lies in the center of our legendary myths, allowed us a mystical union with these forces. By raising the original vibration inside our body memory, we invoke the divine source itself. The ability to speak the language before Babel, to be a co-creator within creation itself, and to mold the aura according to the natural dynamic harmony of the universe, is the purpose of invoking the Atlantean frequency.

To heal the Atlantean wound that predates the concept of karma, and to understand Atlantis, not only as a physical place but a state of mind and soul, is the purpose of this work. In the true hermetic tradition, we explore in this workshop the techniques of true self-introspection of the “Emerald tablet,” the Elemental “dance” that transforms and balances all the elements according to their purpose.

We will explore the new Hermetic laws and ultimately, the rituals of entering the Atlantean gates to open and activate the chambers of our ancestral power.

In these unprecedented times, I encourage all of you to embark with me on an exploration of the profound Mysteries, and ultimately achieved complete empowerments, which liberate us from century-old forced patterns and social programming.

It is a 3-days online workshop – each day with about 5 hours – with workbook provided.


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Online Workshop with KRISTOS: The Akasha Chronicles & Astral Travel

It is a 5 hours online workshop about Astral travel and the exploration of the Akasha realm. Much has been written about astral travel and the akashic realms, but seldomly does someone explain the correct technique to practice true astral travel. In this workshop, you will overcome the pitfalls and fantasies associated with the mind altering impact of a true journey. I have been training in the art of astral travel and akashic phenomena since age 12 and can direct a student towards a more disciplined, revealed path that will allow a safe experience that constitutes true journeying. The potential of such a journey is a more spiritualized physiology and a deeper metaphysical understanding of our true nature and the nature of the cosmos. This is a rare comprehensive self-training, where all is explained in detail. Join me on a fantastic exploration of morphogenetic fields to expand your mind toward the source of co-creation itself.

It is a 5 hours workshop with workbook provided.


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Online Workshop with KRISTOS: „Universal Power of Crystals“

Stones for the New Aeon:
If you are fascinated by gemstones, crystals and meteorites, this workshop is for you. Kristos will talk about his experience with crystals, their nature and how to use them, as well as their geometry as a way to decipher their power.

Crystals have been used and revered in every culture and religion. Oracles, priests and priestesses, all associated stones with a specific source of power, spiritual wisdom or protection through their crystalline energy.

They are witnesses of time, encoded carriers of historical events, carriers of evolution. They hold the unspoken language of nature that allows us to communicate not only with a deeper self, but also with a spiritual world.

Crystals are the fingerprints of Mother Nature in all her fascinating colors, shapes and textures. Some stones, like meteors, are travelers. As we enter the Aeon of the Aquarian Age, a whole family of new crystals has manifested. Some already known are coming forth to support the generation of new thinking.

It is a 3 hours workshop with workbook provided.

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Online Workshop with KRISTOS: „Geomancy

Geomancy is the art of reading the earth, her energies, and her spirit.
It is as clear as astrology as a divination system but easier to apply. Indeed, it can be seen as Earthly astrology. It is a magical system as transformative as any high magical system.

The Oracle of the Fairy Folk, this system, can help communicate with the spirit Gaia itself.
Geomancy is nothing but a powerful vision board. The images are sacred diagrams and the knowledge precise and inspiring.

Like opening a window to let in the fresh air, a Geomantic practice can clear the atmosphere through the reading and the wisdom it provides. Therefore not only has it an informative quality but a transformative and magical as well.
Learn the easy basics of vortex energies and how you can apply the knowledge to support your Goals.


Online Healing Seminars for personal healing in a group setting with Foster and Kristos

These one or two day workshops are an intense encounter of healing and awakening. It gives a good taste of the Golden Hummingbird healing experience. In these meetings, Foster and Kristos correct interruptions of the life plan of an individual, inspire to take a new direction and offer clarity. Foster and Kristos work in a unique, clear and straightforward manner.

Kristos gives a reading of the karmic patterns of the soul. This includes the exact past lives that effect this incarnation, the connection from other lives with family, marriage partners and children – whatever is relevant to the healing.

Foster offers very strong healing work to release the patterns from the body and memory. This strengthens the body and clears out all emotional patterns that sabotage a person’s life. A person feels lighter, clearer in their mind, at peace with the past and ready to work diligently on developing their soul. We never let a person get up from a healing unless the deeper, more permanent colours of the aura change and are stabilized.

Each consultation is unique, comprehensive and detailed. In a workshop, the personal session is usually shorter than in a personal 2-hours private healing session and comes directly to the point, according to particular questions or issues faced. We know this healing work is profound and gets to the causes of illnesses. By revealing the emotional patterns behind illnesses or addictive behaviour, we are given the choice to correct our beliefs and decisions. Then we can reveal our true self and be authentic.

Authenticity is an outcome of this work as well as how to be a better person, to be more aware and in control of one’s life.


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