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Kristos, an incredible Hermetic teacher who is generous, humorous, with an encyclopedic mind of arcane knowledge, offers courses in Kabbalah and Higher Mind training, as well as Runes, Astrological Witchcraft (taught to him by an esteemed astrologer who has since passed on). Kristos will teach on Zoom in 2023:


January 13-15: Advanced Runes.

An in depth training in Runes and Magick. Branch Runes and much more ancient rune lore.
In English with Polish translation.


January 18-20: Kabbalah training.

A comprehensive foundational course in Quabbalah, pathworking the Tree of life, understanding the Tree on multiple levels as he was once taught, orally passed down to you, with homework, clear guidance, practices, and revelations.
In English with Polish translation.


February 3-5 : Astrological Witchcraft Training 

Astrological Witchcraft training with a deeper understanding of Astrology, Alchemy, the Craft, with personal readings. A whole new teaching full of personal and planetary insights as well alchemical insights, many of which were passed down to him by his esteemed teacher of Astrology. A full training over 3 days from 9 AM until 2 PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pacific Standard Time. In English only.
Your Invest: 540 USD


February 17-19: Kristos teaches Higher Mind Training.

Higher Mind Training- the ultimate mind training for a higher spiritual development with daily meditations for increased stamina, strength, health, wealth and well being. To program your own mind for effectivity and memory. Daily Guided Meditations to Gamma level brain wave patterns- essential to this training. A full mind training over 3 days starting at 9 AM until 2 PM, Saturday and Sunday, Pacific Standard Time. Essential for all students- Alpha training, Mind techniques as Kristos was taught. An intensive training, which helps you in concentration, in business and in creating what you want. Direct, intuitive and never taught in this way before- a whole new training from Kristos, his main teaching this year.
Your Invest: 540 USD


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