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Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a transformative, otherworldly adventure from the comfort of your own home? Look no further! Our Spectacular Vimeo Channel is kicking off SEASON 6 with a breathtaking Vimeo on SHAMANIC JOURNEYS  is here to take you on an extraordinary journey into Shamanic Wisdom.

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Our meticulously crafted Vimeo collection of the upcoming SEASON 6 will transport you to the heart of shamanic and metaphysical  practices, where you’ll discover the secrets of spiritual exploration, healing, and self-discovery.

Dive deep into the mystical world of shamanic journeys, guided by world-renowned Shaman Foster Perry, and unlock the hidden potential within yourself.

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Join us on Vimeo and embark on a breathtaking voyage into the world of shamanic wisdom. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life and connect with the ancient wisdom of the spirits!

Each Vimeo is followed by a Question and Answer session on the Monday after the release of the Vimeo from 10 AM- 12 PM or longer. The Q and A gets to the essence of the subject of the Vimeo, helping each person with their process, with insights into world events affecting us at the time. A personal time with Foster for inspiration and food for the soul.

Thanks for your interest. Be blessed, Foster & Kristos!

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Video on Demand - Lecture Series Part 1 - 6

All lectures part 1 to 6 can be bought through Vimeo. The workbooks for the video recordings of Foster are sent directly to your email address. Please just inform us that you bought the lecture on VIMEO on demand.
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  1. Oghams: The Language of Trees, communicating with Dryads, Plant spirits in Nature with a hint of the Language of the Birds.
    2-3 hours webinar with workbook.
  2. The Medicine Wheel Teaching for a Balanced Life, the 4 Winds, the 4 Kings, the 4 Elements, Creating your Wheel of Life, the Creation of the Cosmos. 2-3 hours webinar with workbook.
  3. Magickal and Shamanic Plants, Plant Teachers, Plant Familiars, Journeying to the Master Plant Teacher. 2-3 hours webinar with workbook.
  4. The Animal Familiars: power animals, Totems, the Shamanic Journeys with our Animal Guides and their meanings, Animals in Dreams. 2-3 hours webinar with workbook.
  5. Shamanic Healing Techniques: Breaking aka cords, releasing negativity and spirit attachments, soul retrieval, breaking armor on the body from past life wounds and traumas, ancestral healing for purification and clearing. 3 hours webinar with workbook of all the techniques.
  6. Home Protection, House Clearing, and Personal Protection. Rituals to bring harmony and balance to a home. Plants, objects and geometries to energize a home. 2-3 hours with workbook.
  7. Spiritual Guides, Elementals, Nature Spirits, helping the deceased to pass over, Candle magick for shamans, Wicca and the Craft for Shamans, consecration of Medicine Bags, Rattles, Drums, and how to make a powerful medicine bundle or bag. 2-3 hours webinar with workbook.
  8. Part One: Fairytales as Spiritual Food, Native Stories, Storytelling as initiation into the Depths and their profound messages of how to navigate a true life, stories to inspire the soul. 2 hours webinar.
  9. Stories to heal the Soul, to balance the earth, the Elements. Stories to nurture us throughout our lives, from many traditions, and the lessons, tests, of initiation and wholeness. 2 hours webinar.

The lectures No 1 to 9 are also available in German and Portuguese. Please contact our office directly to purchase the workbook and video lecture. office(at)

>> Video

  1. Egyptian Netering: Become godded and filled with Principles of Nature to heal the mind and body with an in-depth shamanic journey to the Neters
  2. Egyptian Bodies and Astral Travel, the Temple Sleep, with Guided in-depth Shamanic Journey in all your bodies.
  3. The Lwas (Loas) and Orixas of African Shamanism with Shamanic Journeys to meet the spirits of Africa
  4. The Greek Gods and Goddesses:Divination and Ritual, Shamanic Journeys to meet the Ancient Greeks
  5. Djinns, The Ancient Ones of the Middle East.A Shamanic Perspective and Guided Journey to meet the Djinns through a Djinn Ritual
  6. The Fairy World, Fairy Shamanismwith a Shamanic Journey to meet the Fairies
  7. Shamanism and Angels(Archangels, Prinicipalities, Thrones and Virtues)-their Sigils and Rituals to contact Angels and Archangelic forces with an Angelic Sword initiation and banishing ritual
  8. The Alchemical Tower Meditations to enter King Arthur’s court to transform the body. A Shamanic Guided journey through ourselves and the ancient tower of the Alchemists.
  9. The Shamanic Underworld: The Infernals, the Fifth Element, the Daat Gate, Hekate and the Infernal World Teachers for Ascension with Guided Pathworkings and Journeys to meet them

>> Video

  1. The Nuctameron Ritual: Gates and Practiceswith a Guided Journey to Ascension.
  2. Awareness and Mindfulness Shamanic Training. A Guided Meditation and Practice
  3. Servitors and Shamanic Glyphic Beings: Creating your own beings and giving them tasks. The symbols and meanings of Petroglyphs
  4. The Kachina Spirits and the Hopi Indians, The Sacred Pipe of the Lakota, and the Story of White Buffalo Calf Woman with a Shamanic Journey to meet them.
  5. Shamanism and Crystals:The Spirits of Crystals and how to use them.
  6. Shamanism, Kundalini and Chakras:A Guided Meditation and Sound Healing through the chakras including the 8th chakra and the Chakras and meridians throughout the body.
  7. The Solomonic Ritual to work with Hexagrams to open the Doors to the Universe. Keys to Ritual Shamanic Magick.
  8. Mantras, Enns, Mudras to contact the Spirits of Nature and Other worlds.
  9. A Guided Journey through he Stages of death for Rebirth, how to regenerate the body with formulas for healing in Magic and Shamanism.

>> Video

  1. Runes: You learn all the Runes for Divination, Throwing Runes, the Rune Dance, working with their Power. A powerful, energized teaching to work with Runes for a deeper study to follow on the Nordic Path.   >> Video
  2. The Hebrew Letters and pathways: Knowing the power of letters, their colors, their properties for healing, for empowerment, for wealth and how to follow the letter pathways in the tree of light, important for the Tower, with the first teaching on the Tarot pathways, a Tarot meditation.    >> Video
  3. Tattwas: Doorways to Elemental Worlds of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Akasha/Aether. Entering Elemental kingdoms with clear instruction to open and close astral doorways to Elemental kingdoms.   >> Video
  4. Talismanic Magick: Charging and Consecration Talismans for higher Magick. A Personal Talisman created and charged by you that radiates a magical energy to create change is taught in this vimeo. Make Qabbalisitc talismans, with Archangels, angels, and planetary intelligences. Make talismans for Gods, Goddesses of many traditions. Learn to make Kameas of 9 Planets with Magic Squares, Sigils for the signature of spirits and angels. Learn encryption languages, the geometry of talismans, the Pentacles of Solomon, Flashing Tablets, and their Consecration. Included is a brief introduction to the Olympian Spirits. Make Talismans for protection, for healing, for memory, for love, for wealth, to help you write , and load them with your intentions for results.  >> Video
  5. Dreaming: Dream Interpretation and Lucid Dreaming, to understand our Dreams. >> Video
  6. Mediumship and Channeling Spirits: Channeling the Higher Self, the Goddess, the Mesopotamians and more- learn how to channel effectively with clear instruction.  >> Video
  7. The Craft: The ancient teachings of Aradia, Diana, Hekate, the essence of the Craft, the Craft and its ancient Magick practically taught as a Grimoire. >> Video
  8. Toltec Shamanism: Track energies shamanically, Recapitulation, Awareness, personal Power through the stories and practices of the Toltec shamans.  >> Video
  9. Introduction to Alchemy: Understand the Nigredo, Albedo and the Union with the Earth, of Male and Female and its deeper insights to raise consciousness. >> Video
  1. Guide to Sex Magick, release date January 6th, 2023  >> Video 
  1. Introduction to Hawaiian Shamanism and Kahuna wisdom –
    release date January 13th, 2023
     >> Video
  2. The Goetia Grimoire: working with the Goetic Spirits in Magick and Shamanism, a complete guide with rituals –
    release date January 20th, 2023
      >> Video
  3. Sindhis and Niddhis in India – a Guide to higher and deeper Spiritual Powers – release date January 27th, 2023  >> Video
  4. Magical and Shamanic work with Nature Spirits – release date February 3rd, 2023  >> Video
  5. Introduction in Abramelin Magick – release date February 10th, 2023 >> Video
  6. The Black Pullet Ritual with a discussion of the Magical Greek Papyrus –
    release date February 17th, 2023  >>Video
  7. Numerology Guide for Health, Wealth and Empowerment, a Compendium of Numerology techniques with Kristos and Foster, the Magick of Numbers and their aliveness in Shamanism –
    release date February 24th >> Video
  8. Dimensional Healing – multi-dimensions and healing, how to move dimensionally through time lines and to alter our destiny –
    release date March 10th, 2023  >> Video
    Q&A on March 13th for 2-3 hours

Series 6 is starting with 10 Shamanic Journeys guided by Foster Perry

46: Shamanic Guided Journeys 

First journey to the lower world, to meet your power animals, to map out the tunnel system, the World Tree and Meet the Plant Teacher.
Second journey, to meet your Plant ally, to have a healing with the Plants and meet your allies.
Third journey, to heal someone else, to find remedies, insights into other persons for their benefit.
Fourth journey, to enter your Inner Plane Temple, meet your Guides to the Mysteries, your Inner Temple and inner Laboratory to heal yourself.
Fifth journey, to meet your Guides, Helpers on the Inner Planes and to journey to the Mystery Schools of Higher learning.
Sixth journey, to meet your Ancestors and those who have passed, to know your self, your lineage and origins.
Seventh journey, the Upper World, to meet the stars, constellations.
Eighth journey, to visit your past lives, to know yourself and to correct the past for inner peace.
Ninth journey, to go to the future, and see and meet your future self and journey to the Soul.

There is no workbook! You should also keep a journal of your journeys. The first Vimeo is coming out in both audio form for headphones and Vimeo with Kristos’s amazing graphics!

There are many journeys. They last between 15 minutes and 1 hour in duration- each one. Each journey builds on the previous journey- do them in sequence, then later only repeat journeys you desire to listen to again.   >>Video

47: Sumerian Magick and the Nefilim. Discovering our origins, the Myths and stories of Sumerian, the Red Goddess Babalon, Mysteries of Enki, Enlil, Inanna and Erishkigel, and how to perform Sumerian wealth Magick. >>Video

48: Egyptian Magick: how to invoke, the power of the Egyptian directions, Temple work in Egypt, Initiations with clear guided meditations through chambers, through your body to re-awaken memoires, the temple sleep, and Egyptian ritual magick and spells.   >>Video

49: Kabbalah (Qabala) and the Enneagram  >>Video

50: Numerology, Homeopathy and Astrology to end Karma for liberation. Practical tools to heal all karmas. The higher alchemy with Kristos as the main teacher with Foster.  >>Video

51: The Complete Guide to Candle Magick with oils, herbs, brews, spell casting to draw to you magnetically what you want and who you are.

52: The Greek Magical Papyrus: the Magick of Ancient Greece.  >>Video

53: Advanved Runes and Rune Sigils: Part two of the Norse Traditions of Shamanism and Magick (with Foster and Kristos)  >>Video

54: Shamanic Storytelling: 9 Stories to heal oneself, to balance and restore our souls. From many traditions, from around the world, and their deeper meanings. >>Video



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The workbooks for the video recordings of Foster are sent directly to your email address. Please just inform us that you bought the lecture on VIMEO on demand.