About us

At the center of our being there is an inner sound. We can learn to listen to it and discern it from all the noise which fills our minds. The soul is our true voice, the path of listening, a discipline and ceaseless search for a treasure hidden deeply within us. We cannot grasp who our true self is. We cannot achieve it, but only can awaken to it as a way of healing and love. We are not the center of the universe, but find our true center in the divine. Through love of the divine, we accept ourselves as we are, and accept everyone around us, as compassion is borne within. Everything in our lives, our whole pain and stumbling, our wandering attention, our forgotten beauty, our failures, can all become steps to truth and holiness.

After forgetting, we remember again what is implanted in our hearts. Between our physical heart and the solar plexus lies the spiritual heart. The human heart has a spark, a fire, that enshrines the light of the Source.

The Hummingbird Healing work has grown to 24 countries and more than 20.000 participants. The high quality healing sessions and trainings have been established successfully during the past 30 years. Founded by Foster Perry and now combined with Kristos Tsompanelis, we offer spiritual instructions to reach the stages of higher knowledge and to awaken intuitive awareness as a spiritual path.


Kabbalistic Instruction and Kabbalistic Magic (including the 4 letter keys),
Alchemy, 3 grades of vocal magic, numerology,
Angelic work (including Angelic seals and Psalm work), Kameas,
Clairvoyant Theta level training, sonic work through Mantras,
Mudras, the opening of the 24 gates in the body;
Shamanic training in healing (soul retrieval, spirit removal, generational curse removal, journeying, storytelling, vocal harmonic instruction, Kundalini excercises, cord
removal, sealing the aura, work with the qualities of animals, herbs and trees).


Foster Perry has travelled the world studying, teaching and practicing the joy of self-healing for more than 30 years. After graduating from Georgetown University, he moved to New York City to study art, design and psychology. It was there that his life reached a turning point when he was struck by lightning. This event served as Fosters calling, compelling him to leave his life, his family, and his friends and embark on a life long study of spiritual traditions and practices around the world. Foster studied ritual, ceremony and healing with Shamans in the South Western United States and South America. He now synthesizes his extensive knowledge of Native American, South American, Asian and European healing traditions with spiritual practices into what has come to be known as Hummingbird Medicine, a transformative teaching modality. Hummingbird Medicine aids the participants in healing their wounds, and releasing their fears, freeing them to experience again their love, their life, and their divine joy. Foster works as a ceremonial leader, workshop facilitator, author and recording artist and his Hummingbird Healing Technique has earned him respect around the world.


Kristos Tsompanelis was born in 1968 in Germany of Greek parentage. From the beginning he was aware of his psychic abilities, namely Aura-seeing, the ability to communicate with the deceased, and even move objects. He has been involved in the basics of medical science, naturopathy and alternative medicine for a long time. Several years ago, he was led by certain teachers to go back to his Seeing abilities, to give workshops, lectures, and write for several magazines.
As well as being a musician with interests in world music, he has started composing and has produced commercial music. He has been working for 25 years in spiritual development, teaching seminars, working with homeopathy, other teachers, artists, and doctors as a medical clairvoyant. Kristos worked for years in the spiritual / world music scene as well as being a holistic therapist throughout the world.