The Golden Hummingbird Podcast

Foster Perry & Kristos T. Perry

Welcome to our new podcast, where we share our knowledge and vast personal experience with all things shamanic, spiritual, and metaphysical. With a combined 60 years of knowledge and practice, we feel we can guide you through your own personal journey into the worlds of the metaphysical. Be it Shamanism, Healing, Magik, or dimensional practices, consider this space a soul home where you will feel uplifted and empowered. World-renowned Shaman, healer, and teacher Foster Perry, Author of ” When lighting strikes a hummingbird” and “The Violet Forest”, and Kristos T Perry invite you to a Fun and sometimes mind-blowing journey. Our first episode is about spirit communication and the skill, training, and understanding we believe one needs to practice safe and efficient dialogue. Along the way, we also talk about myriad other experiences from our own lives to share the practical reality you might encounter. we gave insight from our very own perspective and added a few tips and ideas to mainly help you feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to begin a journey when the journey reaches out to you.