Skype sessions with Kristos Worldwide

SKYPE SESSION given by Kristos is a personal reading and coaching via Skype worldwide.
Kristos gives a reading of the Aura and of karmic patterns of the soul. This includes the exact past lives that effect this incarnation, the connection from other incarnations with family, marriage partners and children and all other important patterns or events – whatever is relevant to the healing. It is like the one to one session in person, only via internet.

A private Skype session lasts one hour. The price is 375 US dollars plus 9% tax and can be done in English or German. Payment with credit card, bank wire transfer or through PayPal only.

His sessions are at 10 AM, 12 noon, 2 PM, 4 PM Pacific time.

For Skype sessions please use Kristos email and contact him directly on:

Please pay with PayPal before the session. PAYPAL: