The Art Of Shamanism

Shamanism consists of many experiences based on detailed practices, individual initiations, and training in the fundamentals of transforming your senses and spiritual skills to their highest level. This apprenticeship program can help anyone to become a clearer and better person in their lives, with a deeper purpose in life. Many persons become herbalists, healers, and shamans after being apprentices in our program. Our program is creative, thorough and enlightening.


Many walks of life become apprentices including students in school, bankers, lawyers, doctors as well as holistic practitioners and housewives. Shamanic practices are open to all who are ready to go deeper into themselves, and their souls. There are many guest teachers in our program to lead sweat lodges or to teach animal tracking, and clairvoyance.. Once you go through this apprenticeship and bond with a specific group of persons from all over the world- then you will choose your support group to feel stronger and centered in your daily life and work.

This group will encourage each person to keep their faith and optimism intact. Foster will offer guidance via the internet (for apprentices only) to help them to continue on their path effectively and diligently. There can be great humor, extraordinary rituals, and profound healing in these apprenticeship groups. Each person becomes responsible for their gifts and their own lives as a consequence of this path.


The Shamanic Apprenticeship program can include any of the following shamanic practices: tracking, developing shamanic skills including seeing, a higher level of talking to spirits ( channeling), sacred site work, fairy/elf work, tree spirit workings, rituals and shamanic magic, study of shamanic angels. soul retrieval, journeying, memorizing shamanic stories and in-depth storytelling of our origins to pass them down,vision quests in nature, sweat lodge building and sweating, detox work, herbal remedies and flower essences, radionic shamanism, song healing ( sonics, harmonics), mathematics and shamanism ( sacred geometry, quantum healing), vibrational modes of healing (frequency healing of cells), invisibility (shape shifting), journeying ( shamanically for healing), interspecies communication with animals, night seeing and walking, mind over matter techniques, heating the body in snow through breathing techniques, tattvas or elemental doorways to earth, air, water, and fire spirits, talking circles and conflict resolution, shamanic counseling techniques, reading the bodies and aura, understanding the aura, detaching spirits, contacting spirits to develop skills, etc.


Apprenticeships include:

  • A class that can be one day, two days, three days or one week in duration( during vision quest week and sweat lodge week and tracking animals week)
  • Lunch is offered and created by the apprentices together to create a community and group spirit of support or we are served by a ritual center.
  • Classes start the first day at 10 AM, but in the future, there are sunrise and sunset classes ( some completely at night)
  • Wwe either begin on a friday or saturday at 10 AM and finish on sunday at 10 PM- if people want this program in their country, we set up times now for the groups to form. Prices vary according to country. Each shamanic group needs a translator if done in different languages (spanish, french, italian, german, portugese, slovenian, polish, etc.) and in different countries. we need coordinators in each country to find places to meet and ways to travel to sacred sites nearby. Translators can often receive scholarships for the apprenticeship program in order to be of service.
  • From the core group of apprentices, many groups will form all over the world in various countries to create more hands-on apprentices to continue the shamanic traditon.
  • Practices will continue at each apprentice’s home with guidance via the internet directly with foster, so that people continue to develop spiritually and instinctively on their own. Each practice you learn can be used creatively at home and with guidance and concentration- be taught to others.


Level One Training is a Shamanic Healing Training that is profound, life changing– full of storytelling, songs, rituals of birth, death and rebirth. It is full of Mindfulness practices, Journeying techniques, Healing techniques and is the full shamanic work that we offer. The Apprentices do not have to go to Level One training but it is highly recommended as a firm foundation for advanced practices.


Apprentices will continue deeper practices and go further in to smaller groups and individual shamanic works if they have completed level one training. Over a thousand persons have finished level one training in shamanism and it is those people who created the apprenticeship program.. We recommend and suggest that all apprentices take level one training first to see if shamanism is right for them. If a person wants to continue after level one training with foster, then the apprenticeship program is the right next step. We welcome our new apprentices! Blessings to you on this Way!


With Joy in my Heart and love for Knowledge, Beauty, Wisdom and Gratitude for the Creator,
Foster John Perry


For more detailed information regarding the Shamanic Group or to sign up, please contact