EGYPT with Kristos Tsompanelis-Perry and Foster Perry

October 27th – November 11th, 2022

Including a Luxurious 5-star Privately Chartered Sailing Boat!

Foster and Kristos invite you to an extraordinary event and a once-in-a-lifetime tour through Ancient Egypt. This is a special travel experience which will take you to Egypt’s most cherished mystical sites.

Highlights of your seminar with Foster and Kristos include:
EGYPT – land of mystery, most ancient of civilizations, from the Great Temple of Karnak, the largest religious structure in the ancient world, to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx you will experience Egypt like no ordinary traveler. You will visit the shrines and tombs of ancient pharaohs, walk through the temples of wise priests and physicians, immerse yourself in the exotic flavor as the mysteries of ancient Egypt are revealed to you. On this special journey you will truly experience the mystery and light of Egypt’s sacred temples of initiation and tombs of rebirth!

  1. Training in Egyptian Magical Ritual including Abramelin magic, and the Enochian language.
  2. Participate in powerful rituals and ceremonies as the Initiates in ancient Egypt did.
  3. Learn Hermetic secret knowledge practices to change your life.
  4. Partake of the “hidden” knowledge of creation, the Kabbalah and healing.
  5. Assimilate the essence of these ancient mysteries while doing ancient Egyptian Kundalini exercises.
  6. Plus Much More!

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