When a Relationship Ends – What Next?

When a relationship ends, and the other person says: “it is not you, its me”- they mean-“it is you”. Turn around what people say. When someone leaves you in a relationship, this means a person of a higher quality can now enter your life. To love another person, that person must inspire you- someone you can look up to and admire. When you admire the person you love, your relationship moves to a higher level. The person i am with now- I admire and respect and for me, they are person of accomplishment who knows and reflects on their accomplishments. When one relationship ends, it is time to trade up. To allow yourself to meet someone who is on  a higher level, which also implies a deeper level,- of committment. Many people will never be monogamous, and if they can not be, then do not committ to anyone. enjoy the freedom of not committing if it is your nature. Without judgement, marriage is for those people who can commit to one person- and that can never be everyone. I am now with someone who is by nature, monogamous. After 8 years of being together, we strive to push each other to be our best. I see how discipline, concentration, being focused in my work, in my intention, in my goals,  has created results in my life and in my relationship. I desire what i want and i get a result only when i am focused.  When i do not offer a contradiction to the thought or desire, my desire can manifest. A desire never manifests if we contradict it. We send out a clear intention and stay with it, without any buts. ” I love you , but…” I love my work, but..” “I love my home, but…” – no more buts- one clear intention/command/image – and if it is in alignment with your goals and your life plan, it manifests. Discipline through repition, finally makes life effortless- that is called devoton.

Every person comes from the Spiritual World. The Spiritual World is the real world- looks like this world but has all the continents throughout Earth’s existence and is cleaner.  The world we live in now, of polarity, incarnation, is a shadow of the spiritual world. We live in a world where we can experience negativity to make clear choices, to have goals and experience joy, bliss, happiness through what we choose. This world is a hell if  we live unconsciously, and give in to the negativity all around us. We learn on Earth to develop character, to become like a polished diamond- many faceted. I have never seen a person with more than 60 incarnations- though i know there are exceptions. 15-20 incarnations on Earth is enough to learn valuable lessons and experience joy, and experience the divine in everything. Before we are born, we make a contract called the Life Plan. That Life Plan created by us is then refined by a committee of souls who decide whether we can live that plan or not. The council we face of our peers- reviews our past incarnations- and sees if we can accomplish our goals. once our plan is modified and realistic, we then can incarnate wrapped in the whiteness of birth.When i was 25 years old, i was hit by lightning. It was a kind of second birth for me- my spiritual rebirth. This happened 2 more times in front of others. I was never alone. I dreamt of thunder, lightning for years which precipitated dramatic changes in what i perceived. I lived with shamans, spent long times alone with animals, and felt the thunder go through me like truth. I studied the old stories of the lightning gods- Thor, Torah, Yehovah, Zeus and the many Goddesses of Lightning and Thunderbeings.  I wanted to understand the dramatic changes i was undergoing both internally and through my hands. After the lightning, i visited a friend at Sloan Kettering hospital in New York who was dying- on the floor for the terminally ill patients.The floor with the best view, for those without hope. i touched my friend on my visit to the hospital- placing my hands in hers and gave her a gift- she was an artist and art collector in NYC.  A few months later, I saw her healed and well, walking down the street near where i lived at the time. She had completely recovered from her cancer, and found the will to live after my visit to the hospital. This touched me deeply and happened over and over the first year after my first lightning experience. Wherever i saw people with cancers, terminally ill patients, i would try to put my hand on their back or neck and a flash of lightning would go through me and i could feel the thunder again. I knew the lightning could heal. That was 25 years ago, and most of my gifts have since gone in to writing, singing, talking to thousands of people and becoming a important trainer of coaches, healers, shamans, and intuitive in the world. After i turned 50, I could feel the blessing of thunder. The permanent health my body had- the intelligence to know what to eat intuitively, the disciplines of physcial excercise, breath excercise, stretching my mind to remember all my Self as a whole being full of that thunder and soul light. I felt the blessing of going beyond death as a transitory state.Others felt that i should make no money from my speaking engagements, and make no money from my spirituality and coaching, transpersonal work,etc.. I said i would go through the “eye of the needle”- that a rich person not only can be spiritual, live spiritually, but be an example of what is possible. I believe everything is possible, because i survived being hit by lightning 3 times. I know many have made fun of this- especially because a hummingbird appeared each time i was struck. I remember watching the film: “Benjamin Button” for the first time, and there was part of my story: hummingbirds and lightning. Once, i was hit by lightning in New Mexico and a pair of hummingbirds circled my corpse as i lay on the ground. Once in Brazil, a hummingbird came to my eye and hovered. I can not explain why i only saw hummingbirds- but they are the harbingers of joy.The hummingbird has the largest heart in relationship to its physical body. They migrate over 5,000 miles- the longest migration-and is the tiniest of birds, but with the greatest endurance, focus and strength. They appear to almost fly backwards, to slow their heartbeat at night in a state of torpor to re-charge their energy fort the next day. They are the epic journey of life. They literally woke me up. For me, animals are more important than human beings. Animals are the balancers of the world. When the deer looks straight in my eyes, and when a stag comes down the hill to my home in Los Angeles- it is a visitation that fills me with wonder, respect and great learning. When the owls outside my window are stealing the crow’s eggs- i know they are being true to what they are- their nature on earth. I know in the spiritual world, where animals truly live- they are not predators. I know that human beings create the imbalances we see here. I knew a medicine woman, Dawn Eagle Woman, who used to call eagles to her in the wild. I was singing a song one day in Wyoming- like when a song takes over you and you have to sing it outdoors to the wind, and or in this case, at the entrance to a cave. I was singing in front of a large cave in a wild rock formation that Dawn had taken me to see. As I sang, a wild mountain lion lay down and listened and i realized it was their song. I sang for 20 minutes- an old shaman song to the lio a song for the lion to find its partner. When i finished, the lion got up and walked in  to the cave. My time with Dawn during Vision Quests on her land were days filled with horses surrounding me, and being grateful to be rooted, to have goals, to live the possibilities and be aware.We are what we believe. That is what i learned from my time with Dawn and the Lightning times… i still record music, write books, and travel to 20 countries a year teaching and letting what needs to be said and taught to come out as clear as i can…like the song to that Lion.I feel everyday gratitude. The day we live our life plan- we are in alignment. When i live what i intended, what i dreamt- i feel the deja vu of my life plan unfolding and i feel aligned. That, for me, is 2012, a day to feel aligned with my purpose here and to celebrate being at the right place at the right time. Everyone has a purpose- to finally make money and earn a living, or have a family, or find the children they lost or could not afford to take care of before. Some people i know well have creative life plans- finally achieving success on their own terms or at least, finally having opportunities. Many friends never had opportunities in other lives to do what they wanted or to love who they wanted, or to know intuitively their decisions were right for them. Just to make the decision, to choose, and live your choices- this is living. To have discipline, concentration and live what we discover is our path- our art, or our work, our relationships- whatever we chose-and get the results of taking action on what we desire-this is Universal Law. I studied the 7 Hermetic Laws –  in the Kybalion ( a wonderful book) and i understand how we live the laws of the Universe everyday. I began to enjoy my life, to remember a whole circle of who i was before and how I can make a difference in my life now. I know that going to school, or gaining knowledge, to feel self-confidence is important. Knowledge is more important than love in this world. When we die, we are surrounded by love, and  thewisdom of animals, family, friends. I died when i was hit by lightning-  and i remember the animals coming to meet me- hundreds of them. I remember the place of transition- the Towers for healing, the Hall of Records, etc.  I realized how i am my own Book of Life from a Library of books of all the souls who have incarnated. We are living books on earth, filled with knowledge, writing our own stories. I let go of my Pain Story and wrote an authentic story and took action to live the life i wanted as a writer, as a teacher, and as a true person. I know my life has touched thousands of people and that i did my job. After 50 years old, life starts again and you get to decide how you want to live based on the first 50 years of accumulated experience. at 50, i felt the weight of my life plan – the past experiences and decisions lifting off my shoulders. We all choose to meet certain people over the course of our lives, many of whom are our enemies, people we could not communicate with,people we wanted to help,  etc.- to meet them again, to resolve conflicts, help them achieve their goals or just make a decision about them. I met troubled people- who say one thing, do the opposite, contradict themselves, and then say they never said it in the first place. These people confused everyone in their lives. I learned to stay away- to choose the people around me carefully and to not give people so many second chances. As i grew older, i  was actually more strict- these are my standards, this is what i will tolerate in my own space. I have to accept everyone, but i do not have to tolerate their behavior. I grew in to a man- not a boy, or a child, but a responsible person with substance. I learned that when you grow in substance, you have the weight of experience, the weight of decisions. The light inside you  has density, substance, truth. I can feel when a person has substance, and i feel the substance that life brings when we live according to our goals in action.When we act on what we know without contradiction. When we develop according to our life plan- it aids us to develop what we are as we unfold through time.  Developing through work, through education, through disciplined goals and staying with them and not being distracted by other’s opinions- to put your feeling about yourself first. I trust my feelings and when i consistently act on what i feel- i develop substance. When i meet someone who is insubstantial- i see how distracted they are, like a ghost of themselves wandering through life by taking too many detours from their intentioned life plan.Now that i am modifying my life plan, i look forward each day to talking to you through this blog.  I will  write what i know- and it may take years to unfold all the joy  and knowledge gained – it is worth it. I feel worthy in my life. Unworthiness is a great disease. To not feel worthy of your own life plan- to feel unworthy to the task you set for yourself- that is the tragedy . People choose to be victims, martyrs- to overcome those tendencies – that is strength. To overcome our worst traits ( our inner self-generated negativity, our inner self-created “demons” or phantoms)- is to destroy what we created as negative thoughts and behaviours  over the course of our lives. Every thought is a living thing. Give a thought enough power and attention through repititon and it has a life of its own. Thoughts need food. Attention feeds thought. If we do not give our thoughts attention food, they will wither and die. We destroy our own thought creations and put in a new pattern of thinking, feeling. I visualize, think and feel what i desire each day. If it is in accord with my life plan, i am certain it will manifest. I plan my day. i review at night my experiences. That is a discipline to be aware of what i am creating, saying, and choosing to live . I do wear a red string on my left wrist tied with 7 knots – to remind me that my own jealousy or envy of others and theirs of me – can not harm me or them as long as that red string is tied. I protect myself from my own jealousy and envy – even subconsciously. I wear an eye in jewelry around my neck to remind me that all that is projected on me, goes back to the sender of the projection. I do not need to absorb the judgements of others on me- i send it back with the eye automatically as a reminder. If a good thought is sent my way, i feel it and absorb it. What is repelled is the negativity that can come my way a hundred times an hour! I send back what people send out in my direction- so that they learn to choose what they think. To not judge others superficially according to whatever filters they have- their likes and dislikes. I do not need others likes and dislikes projected on to my person in any minute exchange. i do not want the accumulations of other’s negative opinions to weigh me down at the end of the day. i just send it back.I have finally learned not to wear so much black having been born in New York! I noticed how i needed the black to be introverted and retreat in to myself. I also lost a great deal of energy wearing black for years! I finally wanted color, to see its effect on my demeanor, to not care what anyone thought of me. I gave the old clothes away, kept what i enjoyed wearing, throwing out the old inventory of beliefs that were no longer relevant to my present circumstances. From the moment i was born and began living- i knew that i must give my best every day. Not as a competitive best, but my best, what i feel inside would draw out the best in me. I live my best with the person i love every day and i expect the best from them. I feel the higher frequency of thoughts that are attuned to an alignment with a higher and deeper truth. the goal of relationship- to hold a space for a person to live their best each day. I trust my feelings, listening to what i sense- and being a man, acting on what i know in my gut feels right for me. I feel that alignment and i go with it, not against the flow of that current.In shamanism, i learned to call back my authority from the mountains, the rivers, the air, from creation itself –  to call back the “I Am That”.  I feel that empowerment of inner authority to make my own decisions, to pay my bills on time and  strive to empower myself, with confidence, worth. and a creative spirit that inspires others to their own empowerment. I learned through Kabbalah practices how we are born and how we die and the Path we take. I leared for 7 years a hidden knowledge of language, number,planetary bodies and delved in to the world of angels. I learned the Names, Sigyls to dial up Angels and call them specifically  to  be inspired. Angels gave me images, thoughts to perform different tasks and solve problems- they inspired so much of my writing. I realized that truly living is to engage the Spirits,our Spiritual Guides, Guardians, Daimons, Genii,  and Angels and  to live in their  vast knowlegde and have assistance  whenever we call them. To know the Trees are alive, to feel the breath of nature going through me, and to feel like Thunder, awakened with my senses keen, alert,- for this i am grateful and i share that feeling with you.

For many years we taught the Planetary Rituals, to honor the Spirits of the Planets, to make feasts, to immerse ourselves in the colors of the planets, to draw in to ourselves their powers, their energies, their purpose. Like listening to Holt’s The Planets, to elaborate and simple rituals of the planetary Rulers, we called the Universe. I have know kind Angels and quite angry ones, who are busy, and are not always compassionate. i have know very Compassionate Daimons who work quickly, practically, efficiently, transforming me in the process, to be a wiser and better person. I now call all the Gods, Goddesses, Daimons, Angels, Archangels- spirits, who i often revere knowing they do not want our workshop. They do like it either. They are testers, helpers, lesson teachers of the best kind, and they  have taught me how to be who i am and how to be truthful, integrals, yet flexible.  I speak their mantras, create relationships with the spirits and when i am a channel of healing- often the thunder will come, the lightning, and the work is clear, practical, profound.

foster perry, May 2019, los angeles