The Soul is a Verb, the act of listening

The soul is a verb…the act of listening. I miss the wise people I met in my life and knew so briefly, whom i listened to, and continue to listen to inside me, even after they had passed. That voice of wisdom is within us, but i miss those who so deeply spoke truth even when i did not feel at the time that i was ready to hear it. Even with resistance, i listened. I always listen to Kristos as i know he speaks a deeper truth to me, like many elders and wise men and women i have met .
Pain is all about control. if there is pain in the body, there are control issues, often hidden in manipulative games. When you are out of control, and you long for control, you end up hurting yourself. after an accident or wounding, you felt out of control of the situation. you created that out-of-control feeling. Releasing pain creates the release of the control issues behind it- the layers of control. control issues are always illusions. Angry people always tell everybody else what to do. they are bossy and they try to control things because they feel out of control. when you are not in control of your own life you try to control the people around you. healing is often to heal the fear that you are out of control and trying to hide it. often we use negatives to motivate ourselves like guilt, shame, suppression of emotion, intense pain, etc… instead of being motivated by honor, respect, listening to others of wisdom, and listening inside to the truth no matter how shadowy it feels. you may learn something new without needing to control the situation, or rejecting outright something that another is telling you out of respect for you. when someone controlled you in the past, you felt powerless, and that is a strong emotional blockage we hold on to.
i always see everything as both light and shadow -a duality . if i embrace both the dark and light of any situation, I feel both the past powerlessness and the feeling of power at the same time, i feel the out-of-control feeling and the feeling of being in control, the feeling of being healthy and out of sorts- all at the same moment. Seeing how both sides create each other and embracing those oppositions, we begin to create what we want and discreate what we do not want. We feel without suppressing both sides, and expand in to that space of healing, with no limits, on an edge, as you go through each layer of oppositions, each layer of opposite feelings and emotions. you begin to transcend the dualities, the illusion of dualities, without supressing the pure emotions that arise as a result. As the antagonism between them dissolves, as you see and experience both sides, you decide what you want to create next. when we create a problem, we also create the opposition to the problem. We enter it, expand inside it, going to the edge, and by embracing it, sitting with both sides, we express the deeper emotion behind it. learn to trust positive outcomes to difficult situations. to trust yourself you have to be responsible for all your create during your life, with a feeling of honor, dignity, respect for self and others, a certain positivity no matter what is happening around you. Blaming others gets us nowhere as well as putting responsibility outside ourselves. I always find deeper truths when listening to wise souls, but now that internalized teacher is whom I trust, more and more each day, opening to a new truth and new realizations I never imagined before, meeting the Universe again in a whole new way….