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“Hi to all my Friends, Students, and those New to these teachings

We are happy to announce the new online teachings and workshops of the Golden Hummingbird Institute for Shamanic Studies – a new adventure in learning, connecting and feeling empowered, healed, and spiritually renewed and challenged. As many of us stay home, an online school is essential to allow everyone to participate and learn for real development of soul.

Our exclusive online workshops/teachings begin with Oghams and the Language of the Trees, the Medicine Wheel teachings, the Magical use of Plants, Plant teachers and familiars, as well as Animal familiars of power. We will take shamanic journeys together to Spiritual Guides, Inner Plane Teachers, and ancient sources of Knowledge, as well as learn Shamanic Healing Techniques. We will learn to protect ourselves and our homes. We will teach always how to lead a balanced inspired and awakened life.”

~ Bless you, Foster.

Foster Perry and the Golden Hummingbird Teachings:
A Sanctuary for Spiritual Knowledge

The Golden Hummingbird Institute for Shamanic Studies will release 9 Workshops/ Teachings, for the Inner Seeker, exclusively available online.

Each Lecture is pre-ordered for 60 US Dollars each and downloaded on to your computer. You can order also all 9 workshops/teachings for 500 US Dollars as a package.

The PDF workbooks and the download links for the video recordings of Foster are sent directly to your email. For more information and to sign up, please write: or