Southwest Tour


The Ancient Practice of Shamanism

with Foster Perry and Kristos Tsompanelis

JUNE 29TH to JULY 13th 2020

Join us on a Shaman’s Journey through the Southwest Indian Lands of the Hopi, Navajo, and the Pueblo nations. We visit the Ancient Ones, their Sacred Sites, their places of the Vision Quest and we are Transformed, Connected to the Land, Healed and Awake with Foster Perry and Kristos Tsompanelis


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Day 1: June 29


Arrive on your own to the Hotel. The check in is at 3pm. The hotel is 10 minutes from Phoenix Airport (PHX) airport Code. You can take a taxi or a shuttle to the hotel. You can arrive during the day. Accommodation for one night is included. Is important to arrive on June 29, because the group will leave next morning with our bus to Sedona.

Day 2: June 30


At Morning, departure to Sedona, by bus. Two hours and a half drive and we arrive to SEDONA. Accommodation at the hotel. Free time for rest, relax and we have a meeting at 7 PM in the meeting room with Foster and Kristos to greet you.

Day 3: July 1


Breakfast at hotel. Today, Peter Sterling is your morning guide for a 3 hour tour to the Vortexes of Sedona. He plays the Harp and has Grammy awarded albums. He lives and conducts spiritual tours in cooperation with Forest Service in Sedona. We have lunch time, and in the afternoon, Foster will continue the tour taking you on the rest of the Vortex Tour with Spiritual shopping with Foster and Kristos to the best stores in Sedona for healing stones and crystals, and spiritual books for inspiration.

Day 4: July 2


Breakfast at hotel. This morning we pack and leave Sedona and visit Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. Dating to 1100 AD, Montezuma’s Castle is 5 stories tall with 60 rooms and is the home of the Ancestors of the Hopi clans and the Yavapai communities. After the visit, we have lunch time, and we will continue to Grand Canyon (2 hours drive). There are 13 Canyon Vistas overlooking Grand Canyon and we will stop and see the beauty of the Canyon on our drive. Mather point is one of the greatest overlooks of the Majestic Canyon. Accommodation at hotel in Tusuyan Grand Canyon

Day 5: July 3


Early in the morning we depart to join this incredible day trip includes a spectacular scenic flight by airplane over the eastern rim of the Grand Canyon, the Confluence of the Little Colorado River, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell. Upon landing in Page, Arizona you will embark on a guided ground tour of Antelope Slot Canyon. Gaze upon the twists and turns of the carved walls and their beautiful radiant colors. Your Native American guide will share the history of the canyon and its indigenous people. Have your camera ready to capture the incredible and ever-changing imagery within the undulating stone walls.

Your journey continues with Wilderness River Adventures aboard a motorized raft. This portion of the tour launches at the base of Glen Canyon Dam for a 15.5-mile smooth water float up the Colorado River. Witness the rock formations and the canyon walls rising hundreds of feet on either side of you. Stop along the way to see ancient petroglyphs interpreted by your river guide. The raft will wind through Horseshoe Bend before stopping at Lee’s Ferry. Your trip concludes with transfers through the Navajo Reservation and back to Grand Canyon South with a stop at Cameron Trading Post. Lunch box is included. At the end we will back to the hotel at Tusuyan Grand Canyon.

Day 6: July 4


Breakfast at hotel. We depart to Hopi land, 3 hours drive, to see Oraibi and Walpi, the oldest continuous settlements in North America, and we will eat blue corn bread and traditional hopi food. The Grand Canyon is the Sipapu for the Hopi or their emergence place after the great floods and Earth deluge. It is the gateway between the Underworld and this world. The Hopi indians work with over 500 Ancestral spirits or Katsinas.

You will see their representations on the Hopi Reservation and feel the deep solitude of this land. The Mayans are the Masters of Time and the Hopi are the Masters of Space. They are farmers who see the gift of Corn as a great blessing to give to another. Accommodation at Hopi Cultural Center.

Day 7: July 5


Breakfast at hotel. We depart to Canyon De Chelly to walk in to the Canyon with a day guide, to see Spider Rock, the Kivas, and see this beautiful site even from the Rim with our bus as we overlook the incredible Pueblo and Navajo ancient ruins. Here we will meditate on the stones before we continue our drive to Navajo Land- Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. Accommodation at hotel.

Day 8: July 6


Breakfast at hotel. Here we will stay overlooking the great vista- and take a tour of the giant rock formations, have the Navajo braid our hair, with a Navajo guide to show us the songs and dances of this cowboy nation. The Navajo ride horses, and herd cattle and some Navajo still live in Monument Valley. We will visit Mystery Valley and the Garden of the Gods with our guide, and see the Great Buttes and learn about the Navajo hogans and their way of life.

Day 9: July 7


Breakfast at hotel. Depart to Mesa Verde. (3 hours’ drive) Inhabited since 10,000 BC, Mesa Verde has pictographs and stunning ruins in easily accessible cliff tops we will have a guide as this is the largest excavation site in USA. We will see Mesa Verde’s Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House, the Sun Temple, Balcony house, Log house, and Chapin mesa with a stop at the visitors’ center. It is incredibly rich, and multilayered with petroglyphs and beautiful walks and places to meditate for contemplation and spiritual sight. Accommodation at hotel.

Are You Ready To Join Us On This Epic Journey?

Day 10: July 8


Breakfast at hotel. Full day to visit the rest of the Mesa Verde, and taking in the Four Corners region where 4 states converge. Inhabited since 6,000 BC, we will tour the major sites, the palaces, as many of the Indians from her later went to Santa Fe. You will walk among the site as we do a ceremony with Kristos leading us.

Day 11: July 9


Breakfast at hotel. Departure to New Mexico. 6 hours drive to Santa Fe. Arrive at afternoon. Accommodation at hotel. Free time for personal activities. At night we will share the dinner to celebrate Kristos’ birthday.

Kristos Tsompanelis’ Birthday

Day 12: July 10


Breakfast at hotel. Early morning we visit Tent Rocks, to sing and drum in the rocks shaped in cones in Cochiti Pueblo. Kasha Ketue Tent Rocks is a national monument to walk freely among the stones and sing. At afternoon, we visit Bandelier national monument, and perhaps sit in the kiva in the caves together and communing in the kiva. Frijole Canyon has petroglyphs, rock paintings, with over 10,000 years of human presence. This is our day to meditate, walk in nature, feel the Earth with Gratitude for this amazing journey to the Southwest and ancient cultures of the Indians who made it home.

Day 13: July 11


Breakfast at hotel. We journey early morning to Taos Pueblo, to see the Powwow, to be immersed in the dances of modern Indians who keep their tribal traditions. We will witness to watch the pueblos come to life, and to see the vital Taos Indian and eat their Native food for lunch and spend the day watching, learning, and being part of their celebration. Taos Pueblo is a World Heritage UNESCO site and is the most private and secretive of all the pueblos in New Mexico. Taos Mountain and Blue Lake is sacred to these Indians and remain pristine. At night we celebrate Foster’s birthday.

Foster Perry’s Birthday

Day 14: July 12


Breakfast at hotel. We will enjoy Santa Fe city today- visiting the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, the famous spiral stairway of the Master Mason, the wild Site Santa Fe, the galleries of Canyon Road and the famous spiritual bookstore called the ARK. We will visit the Tibetan Temple as Santa Fe has many stupas. A spiritual Center – Santa Fe has amazing skies as it as 7,000 feet, with pueblo mud and hay architecture. We will visit the painters and artists in the Museums to have a sense of who lived here and created their freedom, their solitude in this ancient.

Day 15: July 13


Breakfast at hotel. And The End of the tour. Check out time 11 am. Everyone says goodbye and boards transportation home. Booked flights leave this day as we leave full of life, full of the Indian Mind and way of life, having visited so many sacred places- and places of great beauty. We feel the land, the ancient tribes and we feel interconnected in the Dream Time, We have heard stories of the Indians, meditated in their sacred places, dance, sang, and realized that this was a journey to know our soul, to know who we are stripped to our essence, and we will never be the same.

Are You Ready To Join Us On This Epic Journey?

Trip Accommodation

June 29th to July 13th 2020

Your Facilitators

The Golden Hummingbird

Foster Perry

Has travelled the world studying, teaching and practicing the joy of self-healing for 30 years. After graduating from Georgetown University, he moved to New York City to study art, design and psychology. It was there that his life reached a turning point when he was struck by lightning. This event served as Foster’s calling, compelling him to leave his life, his family, and his friends and embark on a life long study of spiritual traditions and practices around the world. Foster studied ritual, ceremony and healing with Shamans in the southwestern United States and South America. He now synthesizes his extensive knowledge of Native American, South American, Asian and European healing traditions with spiritual practices into what has come to be known as Hummingbird Medicine, a transformative teaching modality. Hummingbird Medicine aids the participants in healing their wounds, and releasing their fears, freeing them to experience again their love, their life, and their divine joy. Foster works as a ceremonial leader, workshop facilitator, author and recording artist and his Hummingbird Healing Technique has earned him respect around the world.

Kristos Tsompanelis

Was born in 1968 in Germany of Greek parentage. From the beginning he was aware of his psychic abilities, namely Aura-seeing, the ability to communicate with the deceased, and even move objects. He has been involved in the basics of medical science, naturopathy and alternative medicine for a long time. Several years ago, he was led by certain teachers to go back to his Seeing abilities, to give workshops, lectures, and write for several magazines.
As well as being a musician with interests in world music, he has started composing and has produced commercial music. He has been working for 10 years in spiritual development, teaching seminars, working with homeopathy, other teachers, artists, and doctors as a medical clairvoyant. Kristos worked for years in the spiritual / world music scene as well as being a holistic therapist throughout the world.

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