Shamanic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life describes how we are born and how we die. We follow the Paths to understand the Mother God. She is all the sephira and fruit of the Tree. She is Binah, the Black Madonna of Justice. Severe, Truthful, Clear – she is blind justice, the 3 Fairies of the Fates. The triple Goddesses of Destiny are the One Fate who spins the fabric of life, One fate who measures the string and the final fate who cuts the string with her scissors. Binah is the Pieta, holding her dying son/sun in her arms. She makes us live our life plan as we wrote it before we were incarnated. She makes us live what we desired and wrote in our Book of Life.

The Goddess of Abundance is Jupiter for me- the womb, the vagina that never stops giving. The Goddess of Protection, Mars, is an Amazon Warrior who protects with her strength and flexible prowess. She is the ultimate Warrior who teaches men the respect of protection and not just killing. The Goddess of the Sun, our essential nature is the intelligence of healing, curenderas, curenderos, medicine people, shaman bird people, and all that is essential in health. I am her child,the child of the Sun. That is my tribe, the tribe of storytellers who reflect on the truth of fairies, and the light we bring to Earth, because we must bring the light for it to be here. I am a mystic traveller, in love with the Mother God, who sends us on her mission to bring somethiing of light to the world in whatever profession she chooses. We balance the Earth, like the animals, who are more important than human beings, and who ultimately balance this planet. Less animals, less balance is the way of the Earth.

The Goddess of Beauty, Venus, teaches us of illusion- how to see beyond Glamour to the Beauty of the Soul, the Beauty of Sensuality, and Joy of Abundance, Wealth, with gratitude and kindness. Beauty each day is closer to Kindness in action and feeling. She teaches us to trust our feelings, to trust self-worth, and to know that the feminine wakes up more each day as we approach 2012 and the end of the concept of Time. 2012 is the moment when a planet discovers time travel,stablized time travel. When we experiment to re-create the Big Bang in a laboratory under lake Zurich in Switzerland. Here, so much could happen if Big Bang Particles are unleashed in the atmosphere. So much correction of time begins. There is no such thing as time. It is our creation to know we are developing, growing, maturing, and we choose to age to know how long we have been incarnated.

The Goddess of Mind, of Intelligence, teaches us about Mind over Matter. To develop, hone and concentrate our minds to create results in our bodies, in completing tasks we set with discipline. Without discipline, no books are written, no missions completed successfully, and love without discipline can be a messy affair. Intelligence is the feminine. She is Sophia, Wisdom, the web of life. She is Grandmother Spider, the Media of Spirirt that enflames and encircles the world no matter what we do with satellites. She is Great Intelligence, the Whale of Knowledge, the Owl of the Occult, the Elephant of Nurturing and Recording the World through her huge senses, her huge ears and mouth and eyes.

The Goddess of Feeling, of the Astral, Emotional World or Dimension of Experience- is the closest to our spiritual guide. To feel is to be guided. To not feel is to doubt faith and faith in our own spiritual guides that eveyone has, and who champions us as souls. Our spiritual guides love and study us, all our lives. They contact us through our feelings. they are our feelings. The Goddess of the Shamans, of the Witches who also study the kabbalah or Quabbalah, are found here in the lunar world which we draw down in to our selves, like our souls. Our souls never incarnate. They are not coming to this world- it is our connnection to our souls in the Spiritual World that the Shamans talk of. If we lose connection to the Soul, then we do a Soul Retrieval. We Retrieve connection to our spiritual selves , our Greater Self, which is our Soul. The Soul is huge and vast and we live inside it. We can deny the soul and walk through desert after desert, but the soul does not abandon us. We abandon our souls with discouragement, darkness, depressionm, caused by loss, grief, self-aggrandizement, loss of worth, loss of identity, birth trauma, mental, emotional, physical traumas, etc. – but the soul desires connection and we desire the soul. The longing for the spiritual is the longing for the soul in the spiritual world.

We long for the Garden of the Mother God, the real Earth in the Spiritual World. We are not in the Spiritual World, but its copy. This is the plane of life, where we incarnate in a time, to develop, to experience negativity as well as choices, as creators ourselves. Earth is pre pre pre – kindergarten and there are many other Intelligences in the Universes. We never stop working here or when we die. We have a job in this light- yes, to be, but also to act as this is the plane of action. If you have enough space and time to BE in the spiritual world. Here we act, we do, we create, we build, we experience and we desire. The world is created by desire- our desires. The Spiritual Desire for the Mother God is the true desire and my mission is to help others to understand her ways in their everyday lives and in their very breath. Time always returns us to the future- the Garden of Eden is not our past, it is our future.


The Goddess of Earth, on the Turtles Back, the root connected to the Spring of LIfe, the Well that feeds the Tree, is a great branching of Intelligence, Consciousness,. The Consciousness of the Indwelling of the whole Tree in every aspect of our lives, in the many Goddesses, the 10, and later 12 in One. She teaches us the plan of incarnation through the planets of our solar system, and how we are wrapped in the White Star Blanket when we incarnate to remember where we come from . Wrapped in white light, in the star dust, to arrive on Earth from the Whiteness of Kether, the pearl of Differentiation when everything is Possible, the call of the Goddess. All Possibilites are open to you in Chokmah. She is radiant becoming in to form and the manifestation of form later as we descend the tree of Life. We get rid of bitterness, scorn, prejudice, to return to essence, to that light in matter, the pearl in the darkness. The Gnostics found that Pearl and celebrated it like the Sufi. The Shamans lived in Infinite, beyond time until this moment, 2012, the Revelation- or the revealing of who your friends really are, who politicians really are, and the revealing of our true faces. Do we live our talk? Are we living our missions when the stock market is a rollercoaster of fears. What do we do when the waters rise, or when within 100 years this planet is uninhabitable and we live in beautiful irridescent domed cities. Mystic travellers incarnate on Earth to describe the future as their work is for later generations who will build a spiritual world here- the spiritual civilization in 400-500 years from now.

Now are the Changes, the Subtle changes, the ones who end all their incarnations here and do not return later to see the fruit of what they planted. There are the ones who leave here and have a choice whether to return here later for the fruits of our actions.

I am an optomist, and that protects me. I am a Healer, especially for the wounds that befall all people after 58 years old and the body needs to be taken care of! The Chiron who makes us take care of our bodies finally, and who reminds us of the next life we will live in this one when we are 58 years old. We are three lives in one. The first life, with the activation of our karmic imprints or past life predilections and choices until we are 28/29 years old. The second life of establishing ourselves here, feet on the ground, working through these past life experiences re-awakened and plowed through over and over, the obstacles Ganesh helps us overcome. Finally, after we think we have lived, comes the time of wisdom, the crone, the wise person, the third life at 58. The Moment of the true storyteller, artist, and real business of creating your life starts. you are a new person, deciding your destiny, creating it with awareness, or in contrary, repeating the past over and over to glean wisdom from it the hard way! We make it hard. We are the creators of our lives after we have lived what we have written. we live our unlived lives. we want the holistic, whole life- the well rounded person of character, depth, and authenticity. We are spirits in bodies, bringing our All to life, provocative, and clear about who we are or who we may be at last.

We will teach this Kabbalah – the feminine Quabbalah in Los Angeles in August. We will discover that numbers are alive, living things, principles. We will discover letters as living things and have relationships with letters, knowing their colors, their purpose and how to use letters more effectively in mind and speech and project them in to the body and through dreams. The principles and neters (in Egypt) of Life, the Divine Attributes, the Spiritual Principles in all things come alive in this serious, wondrous study. I come alive with consciousness when i know what each letter means and use them intelligently, miraculously ( especially as i do in hospitals to heal patients who will never meet me). Putting letters, keys, under our children’s beds to heal them at night- to awake the neters, the principles of healing in creation- the unseen hand of spirit which influences our lives through real knowledge. We learn how to contact angels, 72 angels of mercury, 360 angels that make up the Divine as a Circle- the principles of Sacred Geometry. The Sphere of Angels that we can connect to, call and work with becomes divine providence in action. The magical workings with angels is the real working of the Mother God, the miracles that happen from divine knowledge used effectively to get a result. We contact angels by name, by sign, by sigyl, by talisman, by ritual, and we feel them and they act with permission in our lives and souls. We become fully alive to their workings and life becomes magickal in the truest sense. We enter the Qliphot, Daat and go through the Door to the Inbetween, to know the more Ancient Gods and Goddess, pre-Hebraic, before Abraham created the idea of a Masculine God. We will return to the Mountain of Moses and talk to the Burning Bush as the Ancient Goddess. We will enter Daat and be forever changed, as their is no returning back to who you once were. You embrace your own darkness, our light, and talk to the time before the Big Bang, before Creation, to the Fifth Element, in-between. That is the great journey of wisdom, beyond the veil, and to the great practices of

meeting those Spirits and the friendship, and demands that that entails as we are taught our own path free of dogma, finally reborn, and the third eye opens.


We were all born enlightened. That is the great forgetting. We must remember through living teachings and original teachers- the old ways made fresh for a new generation eager and hungry for real food. I know i am an original, just as kristos was a hermaphrodite before from that original tribe of beings when the world was new and fresh for human beings at the early time. How the hermaphrodites were treated awfully is another story- like Lilith who never gave up her hermaphroditic wholeness to become the Queen of the Fairy World, Lilith for us is the Sphinx in Egypt. Another World here parallel to ours. The hermaphrodites mostly left Earth, that first tribe, and went to the stars- to Alpha Centauri. how Mary, Isis, Akhenaton were hermaphrodites- one with themselves and whole. That story for another time, in another book and another blog….

We are here now to remember. like the cell memory waking up to what we know. to trigger it in a song or a teaching or a prayer, or a film. Lets stir this pot, and stir up what we feel is truth in us-Christ had a soul mate different than John the Baptizer, and his name was Appolonius of Tyana, who for 18 years taught Christ when he was young. The Three Magi, came to Jesus at birth, to bring a great soul in to that child’s body aligned with the Stars as they were Astrologers. They called the soul in to the body just as in many temples women and men would engage in sex, to create a more enlightened child.  Conscious birthing is slowly being revived in our time as many remember to bring in a soul after birth.  Christ learned from Appolonius who studied in India , Egypt journeying to learn with many teachers after leaving what is now Albania, but once was Northern Greece and its empire.  Appolonious was wise beyond his years and created a great practice of his life called the Nuctameron- one of them many practices Jesus and his family practiced. Jesus did not die on a cross, that he was still alive when they took him down and went in to a coma which he woke up from after 3 days.  Judas had two entrances to the tomb and took him out the other way. That Santiago de Compostela is a fragment of his walk to France through Spain- that Christ loved Magdalene ( who was wealthy and could afford such travel- even to the new world on a boat later on) and was married to her, his most intelligent disciple. Christ who never died on a cross but was revived from his opiate sleep with herbs, with the help of Pontius Pilates wife. She convinced her husband to spare Christ and do the Essene task of reviving the body after a willed coma. a true Initiation. Christ lived in to his 70’s, traveling to the East, separated from his family. Magdalene lived a life with her two sons, her daughters- Sarah ( who taught fearlessly), Esther ( who died in Iona, Scotland). Magdalene who meditated in her cave with Christ’s Mother, Mary- the two Marys in the cave in France. Christ  buried in a tomb in the East where he taught as Isiah. Their story is still told and now we won’t be condemned for telling it. How Magdalene’s daughters looked like her and could pass for her when they were hunting for her. How she had to detract those that wanted to silence her like the Albigensians (and Essenes) were silenced and hunted down.


I remember all this, and Kristos, my soul mate, is the Instigator-  of the true stories- the cell memory that wakes up in healing, in alignment with the Source of Life. What the Eagle knows and circles. Lets teach a true way- controversial but feels right, that stimulates the cells to know more, like the old mediums who reminded us of our true past- what is really underneath the Sphinx- the underground room- the repository of past civilizations who saw what is coming and buried it there for us to use to heal the environment once we can find the rosetta stone to understand ancient languages. I love enochian, the language of angels, and of altantean- and to speak it again. India is still Lemuria for me with the Vedic Knowledge still there to keep opening-the eastern Kabbalah. To speak in Enochian again, to see the effect on the ethers, to feel the power of ancient languages and the depth of their stories and experiences. this is language at its fullest, conscious language spoken truly to invoke the powerful divine forces again.


I am so proud to be by Kristos;s side, watching him conduct the old rituals in ancient egyptian or in the  Sumerian lanugage with a result from his rituals,  and  his giving a clear teaching.  The amazing Babylonian ritual he will conduct, when he explains what Akhenaton meant. Telling Isis’s stories and the Alexandrian tales again. We are the stories, the books, the writings memorized. We are the library remembering through rituals again. We go to Ancient Greece in September, to do the old rituals in Ancient Greek, to be in Delphi for the Equinox, to go to the old Temples of the Goddess, of Zeus, of Apollo, of Priestesses and to commune with the older Gods and Goddesses. thank you power places tours for making that possible….

I am always amazed at healing- how we concentrate to separate our bodies – separating the physical body from the astral, from the mental, and so on to not be influenced by the subconscicus mind- to allow healing to occur. As we clear our the negative implants, imprints, of the subconscious- we are freed up to see the light of possibilities.

It is days like this i remember all the teachers who helped me get to this moment. To the healers who first explained how parasites, worms are in so many people’s bodies, and how to get rid of them . Parasites in the body , parasites outside the body. How they taught me about the radiation, and how it would effect us and what to do- how to make the food return to life. I cherish their knowledge and how their powerful minds healed at a distance with a focus that is rare. i live up to their promise in my own life- teaching what i learned faithfully as more people discover how to heal and how to listen and even enter the minds of others to heal the mind.

Much love to all of you, owe welcome you to this blog, and this gracious moment of the Fates in our time actively moving through us again,

Foster Perry, January 2019, Los Angeles