Narcissistic personalities as Predators

A narcissistic personality who is a psychopath will first get close to a person, and then when they no longer need you anymore, they drop you, showing no feelings of ever having cared for you, no remorse. Guilt tripping is often used to hold a person close, or the use of self-pity, sucking out energy from you in the course of a symbiotic relationship.
There is the needy person, who may appear weak, who uses emotional manipulation to get close to you and feed off of your kindness towards them. They are always trying to fill an emptiness, a need to fuse with the Mother, trying to get the missing energy from others that they did not receive in childhood bonding with a true Mother’s heart. They are a bottomless pit, like a black hole, that can not be filled, creating emotional stunting of growth, and infantile self centeredness. They do not know how to be accepted by others, appearing charming and lovely, which is eventually seen as an illusion. They have learned the beahivour to survive by getting energy from outside themselves, feeding off other people’s energy, and being charming, pleasing, to get what they desire.
The Aka cords or energetic cords tighten around the people who let them in , sucking them off like a baby suckling from its mother resulting in fatigue, loss of enthusiasm, lack of ambition and drive, headaches, dizziness. The are literally sucking the life out of you. If they don’t stop needing you, you feel as children, as adults, compelled to enable them even though they are never satisfied.
Cords go both ways, and one has to let them in, by giving away energy and being fooled often by their charm and illusory magnetism. In the end it is a form of ego selfishness, self -pity, to hold people close to them.T
To teach people new forms of behaviors in social interactions takes time and mirroring and exposure. To be accepted, the predator has learned the appropriate behavior to fit in, often masking the need to feed off others. They never truly fit in and often become needy narcissistic adults, or sociopaths. To expose them and gently teach them a new behavior takes effort, time, and skill.
On trains, airplanes, people will often sit right next to me in an open area, moving closer and closer to me to feed off light, wherever i have sat down. Like a straw you can feel them drinking the light they can no longer contain or accept as their birthright. The diminishing of light, and its suppression, propels people to suck the light out of others, by being closer to those who lead a connected, spiritual life.
When the lack of real love, tenderness, and closeness to the Mother is not given to a baby, and the same lack leads to needing others to give you that lost energy , draining it out of their close relationships on many levels- it can turn to bitterness and a need for revenge against the world. They then become predators. In their feeling of inadequacy, they hide in their egos, exaggerating their problems, and at the same time feeling superior to others.
Spiritual inflation, after any spiritual training or teaching, is when a person who feels inadequate begins to know better than everyone else even after one course. This inflationary spirituality makes them feel morally, spiritually superior to others. Joining any religion or workshop, and then preaching to others that they do not know what you know, is being similar to a preaching christian, someone who feels superior to others, to heal the hole inside, without true humility. That eternal hunger that can not be satisfied eventually is revealed behind shame, inadequacy, flipping in to superiority and back to inferiority, and if unchecked, leads to bitterness, revenge and predatory behavior.
There is evil that never finds a container, a place to call home, and there is an evil inside of us, that we control, called the psychotic self. If we do not keep it in check, and we feel superior to others spiritually, religiously, or through magick and the occult, – we begin to hide the feeling that they have no real power, or connection to Source, or success in their lives. They cover inadequacy by being the superior guru, occult magician, ultra christian who knows it all better. the result is often messy inflation- with draining of other’s energies to remain superior- draining women or men in relationships, through domination, draining the life force around them. They gain power by taking energies constantly from others, which can lead to a hateful and violent mind, filled with entities of their own phantoms. The empty vehicles, the empty husks of their lives, sucks the light from humanity, and feeds an ever-growing group of self created phantoms. born from sinister minds, these phantoms eventually take over the person, leaving the person vacated, alone, empty and powerful through the entities themselves.
To have strong boundaries, without being naive, gullible,- cleansing yourself after an encounter, protecting yourself, and having a clear assertiveness and will power to say no, really helps a person navigate spiritual life. To let go of these people is to sever the cords, to break the implants from their eggregores, their phantoms, and that prices takes time and effort, so better to not get involved in the first place.
Often, the job of the shaman is to release these attachments to others,- the phantoms, and entities, cords and co-dependencies, to see the persons behind their masks and see both the victim and victimizer, the fuser and the abandoner, the saint and the screw ups, are in a duality, a shadow relationship . This revelation, and its internal healing, to dance the shadow, with the strength to leave a particular person, and to heal the indignities of the first meetings, takes time, healing, guidance, will power and support.
Pedophiles are often psychic vampires hiding in churches, schools, doctor offices, etc. to prey on their victims and steal energy from children when they are about to enter puberty, menstruation. The predators need prey to feed on, and instead of protecting those children, they lose control, now taking as much as they can get. people in their innocence, give them energy, attention, until they have no strength left to resist. To extricate oneself takes time, energy, and good friends, and helpers, who can spot predators and warn you of where they are in your environment. Detecting them, telling others, and creating a shield of protection is vital to maintain your boundaries.
Once released from the grip of a psychic vampire or predator, you can identify them more easily, and learn not to be engaged or entrapped because you have had the experience. Preying on those weaker than you, is cheap energy. Remember when you are targeted, to slip the target off your back. If a person is too young, they need their protectors, guardians, to navigate.
In shamanism, lions, panthers, jaguars, leopards, are all predators, but when they are allowed to help you find your self control again, from being out-of-control, they stand next to you, walking in front or on the side protecting you. These are the true boundary portectors of adults and children. The ferocious cat becomes the playful, warm cat who guards you in the astral world, playing with you with its feline strength. We are transforming our relationships to our power animals, often called familiars, to develop clear boundaries, to not be drained, to not give our energy away, but maintain our real balance, our strong vulnerability, releasing the resonance for predatory behavior. Experience and wise counsel with action, creates spiritual protection as you learn to know who you are, in control of yourself, to embrace our own shadows, and not project those shadows outwardly. We realize our own shadow characters, learning from them, dialoguing with them, writing down what you do not like in yourself and others, until you finally embrace both light and dark, finding that the positive goodness in you will find the animal within, the animal pushed in to a corner, that wants blood, but needs first to know you, to be fed by you, and nurtured again to become your protector.