Ignore All Negativity

One point i want to make is to not dwell on the negative- to ignore every negative thought that arises. Ignoring negativity is a vigilant practice which i have had to use effectively all my life to be efficient, clear and allow what i believe to occur in my life without obstacles. My only obstacles are self- created negativity lodged in the subconscious mind and  paying too much attention to the negative comments and actions of others. Most of the time i am astonished by how other’s act – and so i just let it be ignored- as if i do not have time anymore for dwelling on what’s going wrong, or how someone perceives me. So, i learned – Do not care what anyone thinks of you.I also learned- Ignore all negativity, ignore the negative feedback of  judgements that occur all day long and often are under the radar of perception. Just walking down the streets, many judge you on how you look, how you talk, what you are wearing- it all has absolutely nothing to do with you. we are just addicted to making judgements. More importantly, we need to ignore all judgements form inside and outside.  We often judge ourselves repeatedly during the day. Instead, the best protection is Optomism. I stay in an optomistic state about the mortgage paid easily, about all bills paid on time, about how i feel inside, and about what i appreciate each day when i wake up in the morning, and go to bed at night. All day i practice gratitude- gratitude for small and large things in my life. gratitude for a look and a gesture and for myself when i feel the joy of appreciation and worth. Optomism creates a spiritual disciplined practice that is not easy, but with time, becomes the dominant feeling. When i feel optomisitic and i appreciate life, i am wrapped in a cocoon of protection, higher vibration, and all the judgements all day bounce off me from others. My whole being gets strengthened from optomism- and i am able over time to sustain that level of vibration/frequency- which if i do not contradict it with my speech and action- sustains a higher level of development and coping with life.I am definitely optomistic about  kristos in my life- for all his traininigs that are impeccable and honest – the best spiritual reading and work i have ever been exposed to. I am  also optomistic about this moment- the start of the summer and the Los Angeles trainings- and the beauty of seeing my friends and students become empowered through old Goddesses and Gods without dogma, without conditioning and to speak the truth clearly and concisely. This year is Kristos’s 51st birthday and my 59th birthday- both in july- and we are going to celebrate Kristos’s life and work! and especially his achievements- as optomism means to concentrate on your achievements- to find out what they are and build on them. Everytime we concentrate on what is right in our lives and what feels good, what is ecstatic or essential, we build on our achievements like a ladder higher to the divine. That is what i will do with his birthday and he has achieved so much personally and in the world. I will be celebrate, as my Saturn Return has passed  and wisdom is flooding my life and pathworking- and  I continue to write my books, follow my heart in healing, and to find out what is essential in life and teach it to others. Soon comes our Youtube channel,  or School online, but for now people can travel to Los Angeles, New York,  Martha’s Vineyard, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, the Black Forest, Berlin and Nurnberg in Germany, Milan and Umbria in Italy, Ljubljana Slovenia,  Warsaw, Poland, Glastonbury, England, the island of Crete in Greece or Power Places Tours with us in Greece this September.  This is a traveling school for a little while longer, until all we want to teach is on line and ready for everyone to participate in. Blessings and joy to you who read this, foster perry , March 2019, Los Angeles