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Comprehensive Healing and Training in Hermetics and Shamanism with Foster and Kristos in Beverly Hills
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Hummingbird Therapy is a spiritual science that offers processes to awaken intuitive awareness as a spiritual path, learn the stages of higher knowledge and develop clairvoyance with hands-on individual healing and personal guidance. In the Hummingbird workshops you may experience and participate in several or all of the following: Ren (divination through a name reading); past life regression therapy to release physical/emotional ailments, either individually or as a group; facilitation of emotional release and activation of the inner witness; removal of spirit attachments through light techniques; and Soul Retrieval. You will learn clearing techniques for bodyworkers / healers / therapists, which is vital for the release of negativity in your environment, your house and yourself.

Alongside these tools you will experience Hummingbird breathing techniques, Hummingbird Yoga and Shamanic Body Postures, art therapy for creativity and the release of illness, sound and color therapy, play acting / role reversal / family systems therapy in theatre, storytelling, and poetry as a catalyst for initiation.

As part of the Hummingbird Healing work and training, you learn the Hummingbird Medicine Teachings and Medicine Wheel, you may learn overtone-chanting techniques and songs to heal soul and body (called sonamics). Silent walks bring meditation and grounding to the body and drum journeys lead you to the Upper and Lower worlds. You will experience the process of embracing the opposite and the duel within. Medicine Wheel Teachings introduce you to animal, plant and mineral allies and you learn shield-making and a maze of protection.

Absorb lectures on the Spiritual Heart and the Role of the Body: the Personal Witness, the Spiritual Witness, and the Animal Self. The Four Humors, the Vital Forces, the Atavistic Urges, and the Two Wills will be discussed and taught. Foster and Kristos will demonstrate the obstacles to the Path of the Spiritual Heart, as well as our accomplishments, and they teach how the human constitution can enhance the spiritual in everyday life.

Foster and Kristos also incorporate the teachings of Gurdjieff, Rudolf Steiner, the psychology of Carl Jung and other great teachers while integrating the disciplines of quantum physics, Hermeticism, Sacred geometry, meditation and Kundalini. Foster and Kristos' work is a joyful Hummingbird experience and a new form of education in ontology (the study of being) and in self-remembering.

Join a world-wide community of people who gather together for self-knowledge and Hummingbird Healing in ancient spiritual sites around the world.