Gratitude to All

Gratitude. Thank you melissa for this new website, for a new opportunity to post videos and let our voices be heard. Thank you to all our organizers around the world, and our friends, students in many countries who have been moved by 35 years of solid foundational spiritual, shamanic, magical and empowering work. Our work has always been full of filmmakers, artists, writers, healers and spiritual teachers for a new generation. We live in the heart of Los Angeles supporting a very creative design, film, and music community. We feel very privileged to be of service in this dynamic way. We thank our Spiritual Guides, Mentors, and our Life Plans for this Creation.


As many know, my father was a very prominent new york doctor- a neurologist, psychiatrist, medical authority for new york state, and very high up in the American Medical Association. As i grow older and remember his achievements ( he was also the head of the New York Hypnotist’s society for a time!)- i see how my work continues his. His love of biofeedback, biorythms, and the various forms of therapy ( especially with mind over matter techniques) have greatly influenced my work, I want to honor him for inspiring me. For my father’s father, who was a doctor in India. For my grandmother’s father who built hospitals as a philanthropist in Constantinople, and died from helping so many with Tuberculosis ( courageous acts during an epidemic). I come from a long lineage of philanthropist healers, who wanted to elevate humanity and were humanitarians. Now i am by Kristos’s side, teaching with a true humanitarian and for me, the best healer i know. Kristos is a vast library of information on any subject- and he is the head of the Universal Hermetic School. He earned that title. As an educator, and adventurer, i am proud to be by his side every day and giving our all to aid in the development of people’s souls- a great responsibility.


To all our friends in 2019, thank you for your faith in the Divine, in your guides, in the plan you created in which we all could meet,

we are so happy to be in your life this time! Thank you for being our teachers and for elevating our work to the highest level!

we are deeply grateful and moved,


Foster John Perry

President and Founder, Golden Hummingbird, Inc.

Los Angeles, Californa

(Hummingbird House, 2451 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210)