Creation and Shadow

When we want to create something positive, an enthusiastic endeavor or business, we keep it secret until it is born and put in to the world. Other people’s doubts, negative beliefs, lack, or failures bombard our new projects. Therefore do not always share your goals with others, as your confidence may be undermined.
This is not a time to be obedient, wanting others to think for us, or being in resistance to your goal with doubts or depression. in Physics, every act is motivated by a future result and therefore you can not experience anything that does not have a future.
We create the future, and the emotional responses we have cause our behaviors through what we give our attention to. The future is creating us. We feed our future by giving attention to it. what i focus on, gives results- input, output. look at the layers of intention realizing why you want to do this in the first place. disengage from the future you do not want and focus on the positive future that is also drawing your attention.
Courage is to admit your true motivations, and to take the journey to the positive future of your intentions while draining out the negative intentions that drown out the negative future you are also creating. As the negative future gets less attention, the positive future of success and joy becomes more clear. eventually you will discover your true will, through your Higher Self.
Our desire, imagination, intent, expectation, values, trust, are the building tools of creation. it is our own lack of value that blocks us, therefore acting according to your principles develops your true will power. hidden shame, over time, stops us from manifesting our dreams – so we recognize our past shame and failure, acknowledging them, forgiving them for true change. To admit mistakes, we can not blame someone else or circumstances. For forgiveness, we will go through our blame patterns often learned in childhood, going through denial, the righteous anger, the self pity, and the flaws in our character. In shadow work, if you deny your anger, you will be surrounded by angry people and likewise if you deny your creativity, you are surrounded by creative people. the shadow tell us the truth, that the ego wraps in lies. When we run from our shadows and listen to our ego, we are in illusion and limitation. for self worth, we end up trying to get others approval or by putting others down, making them feel inferior, to make ourselves feel better. We can be always having to look better than other people, always in competition with those around us. Cooperation, is the true value of love. Gratitude attracts more good things, as your value increases, and you ask for more, because the Universe is Generous in its nature. Which positive future do we want to create from the many futures presented to us, disengaging from the future of shame, frustration and sorrow we do not want, that always leads to creating more failures. take the energy of that negative, despondent future and drain it out, giving that power to your future self. Rage drains us creating low energy and cynicism becoming hostile to what can help you. People create problems to force them to grow, meaning you will always have problems of not being good enough. Worrying is always future guilt, future guilt you do not allow yourself to feel or to have, like anger. To be assertive is to have boundaries, the true reason we have anger . We can grow not because of problems, but because it is enjoyable to grow, to develop, to reveal secrets, to gain power. Appreciate beauty, the courage to make choices, and enjoy the future self in the circle of your empowerment.
I am alive to work towards an equal creational society, that no one is better than someone else in a vision of equal divinity in all. The Shadow, in its wisdom, brings us back to divine consciousness by revealing all that we deny and split from ourselves. The shadow re-unites us with all the aspects we judge. To embrace every life lesson and test, without judgment, is to hold sacred everything you have not owned. If you fight the shadow, you will lose, but if you align with your shadow, harnessing, directing it, you win. What you most resist in others holds the greatest potential for growth in you. We dialogue with both light and dark, to discover peace, as the light of the shadow leads us out of darkness, and the darkness repels us forward.