Everything in Its Core Is Spiritual.

Concerning conscious and unconscious life forms, everything in its core is spiritual. “It became before i found it and was aware of it”. Life is not a mental experience, but an emotional experience. Our earthly experience is defined by emotion. If you feel something intensely, it must come forth.

Trust your own truth, not bad or good. there is nothing bad or good, just too much or too little. balance is beyond “bad or good” judgements. Dissolve the desire to judge. Don’t ask anyone’s opinion. No fake security in someone else’s opinion. That is a huge illusion.

Alignment increases magnetism. The more aligned we are with our soul, with our bodies, with our goals, the less we are prone to the negative thoughts and judgements of others. Psychic attack is when you pick up on the negative thoughts in your environment and put them towards yourself through resonance.  All thoughts that you have during the day of: “I am useless, worthless,…..”  – are not you. Do not adjust to other’s  opinions and the environment of negative thinking around you that you can pick up on easily. Protect yourself with white light-ning. Volt yourself. Raise your vibration higher than the people you work with and surround yourself with. If your normal thought pattern is negative (“I am dumb, bad, wrong constantly, amounting to nothing, etc…”)- then look at the people around you. this is a self destructive element in spiritual people. You can not be in a bad mood and be spiritual. People then lose their truth.

Everyone needs a constant creative expression of  their consciousness. Everyone needs a multi- dimensional expression of themselves. In kabbalah, kristos, my teacher, says that we create apples and put them back on the tree of life.

Meet your creational pattern. Your formational pattern of rebirth. That for me happens on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah or when i walk the Universe within and without through the practice of the Native American Medicine Wheel or when i walk through the Pathways and Architecture of the Kingdom in Alchemy or the Architecture of Vajrayana in Tibetan Buddhism or the Ancient Gods and Goddess path workings. Creation and ritual are connected.

For years i taught the inner kingdom of alchemy, its rooms, architecture, that the subconscious mind can follow with the symbols, paintings, emblems toconstruct the pathways and stories that transform the subtle bodies and the physical body. i taught for many years the medicine wheel in its druid, native america, tibetan, and egyptian forms- the magic circle that in kabbalah are called the sephiras or in alchemy, the rooms of the kingdom within. We construct an inner kingdom, with many rooms, a great forest, calling the Watchtowers and Elemental door keepers.

On the other side, in the spiritual world, as a spirit, you vibrate experience- you attract everything that is similar. There is no supermarket on the other side. You do not choose after you die, you vibrate. So live vibrationally here. This is spiritual living. Vibrate experience. Past life work taps in to these vibrations. Kabbalah or Quabbalah is vibrational speaking. Every shaman and medicine teacher understands this- when you control your vibration, elevating it, you control your experience.

As you develop spiritually, through practice of some form of spirituality, or as your vibration gets higher- your husband or wife may leave, you may lose your job, and one door closes and another opens. Spiritual practice does open doors as you change your vibration vs. going back to habits. Which vibration is not vibrating high enough- sexuality? or are you bogged down by dogmas and conditioning, etc.  Vibrate at your original soul core. You can never mess up on that level. Vibration is a living being.  Thought becomes alive. Carve it in to stone and it becomes the written word. The written word is the carver of identity.

Reassess your spiritual goals which will automatically become your physical goals. Create an Akashic (etheric) vibration with color, number, sound, sacred geometry- vibration. The highest vibrations are Love, Joy, Wisdom, Knowledge. feel this expression emotionally. Be aware, awake, joyful, loving, wise before you go to work. Watch comedies, read uplifting stories in books, write, see movies that uplift you. People will be attracted to that and want to tune in to your vibration. Bless people in the moment, so that they create a similar vibration on their own.

The more you gossip, the more you lose energy. If  you talk in advance of a project that has not happened yet and  is therefore incomplete- you lose the project.  It takes, in terms of time, according to the old matriarchy, -one year and one day – to create the necessary rhythm to manifest something. If you do therapy, do it consciously for one year and a day to get the rhythm and result. This leads to a  higher vibration. Any process, ritual, positive habit done for one year and a day creates a new rhythm of a higher vibration.

Create  a deliberate dimension of your soul. Use a symbol for your next goal. In shamanism we have the symbols from the place of formation. The symbols from the Plane of Formation discovered by the Apache indians have been taught around the world. i teach these symbols in my seminars. each tradition creates a deliberate dimension of the soul with symbols. To contact the Ancient Gods and Goddesses we meet our Matron or Patron Spirit in our inner temples on the plane of formation.

This is achieved by imagining 10 steps down a staircase, to a hallway that leads to your inner temple. When you reach the doors of your inner temple, and they open, you meet your Inner Plane Teachers- your Matron and Patron. They then lead you to many understandings , wisdom and the ancient libraries that exist on that plane.  Each time you visit, the stronger is the connection. The more you visit the Spirits, the more they arrive, teach, and show you yourself as a black mirror, with a clear balanced view of your shadow and light, and who you truly are and how you are developing. The Spirits whether you call them Angels, Daimons, Demons, Masters, – are all Spirits, and though it is hierarchical- it is actually experts, inspirers, principles and most of all, frequencies. All the Angels, Demons, Archangels, Djinns, Inner Plane Teachers and Masters come as Frequencies, often merging with our own and elevating us to a new plane of knowledge, wisdom and belief. This contact is the real work of spiritual development that leads to real achievement in the world and beyond. My inner plane teacher, Hypatia, was once the most intelligent woman to have lived. She was brutally killed by Christians because they were afraid of a power woman of great knowledge and integrity. Without any remorse, she teaches true forgiveness, gratitude and continues in the inner planes- her wise counsel. Her frequency has been a guiding light for me and many others who visit her often in the Alexandrian Libraries. My other inner plane teacher is Harpocrates, the wise initiator of Ancient Egypt, who has guided me in this and other lives, to understand the depth of Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian wisdom. Find your inner plane teacher and know the truths that can not be manipulated, turned in to dogmas, or conditioned. The inner plane teachers teach us how to be liberated and free, to follow our own selves, and to discover the deepest truths and beliefs that we hold, guiding us to recreate the world according to our beliefs. The universe re-arranges our existence and all that happens in our lives according to what we believe. Before we were born we created a life contract. Between ourselves and the Divine Self, we created with a group of souls, a life contract, or map, plan for our incarnation.  We modify that plan as not everyone can be a great teacher right away- instead we choose a do-able and often challenging path, with signposts , choosing our destiny and creating our destiny before we incarnate. Once we are incarnated, we must live the life plan- through free will we choose a plan, not a dream for our lives, and hopefully we do not take too many detours. Suicide is to break that contract with Divinity.  A suicide is forgiven if they are mentally ill at the time of the suicide.  A suicide of revenge against someone to cause someone pain, always involves a re-doing of the life lessons in another incarnation right away- you must do it all over again in another body and place.  To live your contract to the end, and to fulfill what you wrote as your life contract, is everyone’s purpose in an incarnation, and i can be slightly modified along the way, but we created the life contract from a place of awareness, and is the road we take in our lives and adhere too. When we detour, or life events shock us in detours, we can get lost, trying to return again to the path we created before we were born. Everyone has a truly unique life plan- whether it involves security, having children, or being liberated, unmarried and independent. We must respect each person’s life plan and learn to read that plan ourselves to stay on track. there are moments of deja vu, where you remember your life plan. This is part of the timelessness of moments when we tap in to your life plan and know you are at the right place and time on Earth as you intended it to be. You feel it- right place, right timing, on your path.


To heal – we leave the place of wanting, and bring our selves to the place of ALLOWING. “I allow my new home to come in to my life now”.” I allow wealth, joy, to come in to my life now”.  No more gap between wanting and allowing. close this gap. Allow it, go beyond wanting, and have something you believe in as  starting point. a realistic goal.

Nature is optimistic. Trees, plants, animals are optimistic. Nature’s optimism overwhelms human negativity. To be optimistic, means to be in alignment with the consciousness of Earth. You can not destroy the world, because of its optimism.

All the water in this world is recycled. You drink the original water. All water is the first water- billions of years old. The earth is recycled, the air is the original air from the moment of its creation. We live in renewed original energy. We drink billions of years of water, full of originality and original memory. In alignment with the consciousness of earth, we become original people drinking original water, breathing the first air.

Find evidence of what you want to allow- in relationships. Find people, friends, partners who speak your language. Your holistic language. Only marry someone who speaks your holistic language. If they do not speak your language, this is not the time to be together.

Development means to take off layers, or shed your skins. Shed your first impulse of accepted emotional guidance.  Everyone is born with the same core truth, we are never responsible for anyone else’s feelings. We are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. We are responsible for how we feel and respond to original life.

Be independent of other people’s money. Get out of debt, to banks, to family allowances, trusts, etc.  This is the year to become independent as best you can financially. This rhythm is changing the world, the markets, and how we become independent of others feelings. Have finances with independence. You have to like money.

I have always taught that money was created because of our desire for it. Gnomes fashioned it and as every gnome says: “land is the best investment”. If you like what the gnomes created and you like money, become independent with it- this is the larger rhythm happening now throughout the world.

Some persons are ready for their healing. Some are not ready for their healing, and do not want healing on any level, and they, now, can not continue. Sudden deaths, larger global tragedies- storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteors, volcanoes, – and the many deaths  by suicide, cancers, etc. are when people feel: ” I can not bear life”. Stay out of this energy. The Earth is speeding up to the point again when the speed of life matches the speed of sound. This is what the Mayans, Egyptians and those before knew. This speed is the raising of frequency all around us. Some people can not stand this and want to leave this world. let them leave. do not hold on to them. Become independent in the sense that you regenerate with the Earth.

Every 26,000 years, the Earth regenerates. Each time she does this, there are catastrophes, and most human beings do not survive. This time, the Earth is allowing you to witness, and participate in her regeneration. That is what is so exciting, revelatory, and creative about this year and moment in time. Regeneration in medicine, in holistic practices, healing, in anti-aging creams, surgeries, lasers, holographic television, visionary filmmaking, – regeneration, recycling originality is this moment. As the earth regenerates, so can you. We can become younger if we learn to align with the Earth in this time. We can regenerate our bodies- hence the fitness movements, the new medicine and solar inventions coming. In alignment, everything concerning regeneration   on a personal or global level- in work, spas, clinics, new ways to travel faster, the future internet, spiritual practices- will grow exponentially. This is the holistic next century-and this is the moment the earth cleanses herself and teaches you how to do the same. do not waste your time, instead be in these larger currents of regeneration.

Create a universal tree of life. Incarnation is the banner of the Egyptian temples in the ancient world that said: “May you enter favored, and leave beloved”.

Responsibility is the skill to respond correctly. Do you want to be responsible for your goals and what symbols you project in  to your circle, your medicine wheel, your sephiras?

When you see the image of Christ with a beard, long hair, that is the image or appearance of the Father God. When you see Joan of Arc in armor, sliver, with a sword, or like Athena in her armor- that is the image of the Mother God. She is Mars, the protector of life, and she is the Black Madonna- the creator of the materia, structure, limit. God has an appearance. In the Apparitions of Mary she always says: “I AM THE MOTHER OF GOD”. God has a mother.

Akasha or ether is the fabric of life. What you do with that fabric is up to you. Science calls Akasha- dark matter. What do you project in to the fabric of life?

In the Sphere of the Void, the Unknown, you will find whatever you believe. no guarantees. no direction and no judgement. In kabbalah, we call that sphere- DAATH.

People use fear to manipulate- this is inappropriate. “if you don’t do this… I have the key, we are the selected ones” ( this is the sound of cults)- this is not spiritual.  You are PERFECT ALREADY.  Your life is a manifestation of thoughts, feelings, actions- yours. Bless yourself. Densify light around you. Everything you do from your heart comes back at the end of the day- that is the recycling process.

To enter the Gate of Daath, is what i am teaching at the moment for 3 years- to enter in to the 5th element Gods, Goddesses, Spirits- those who are before creation. Under the Aeon of Sophia, in her great wisdom in everything, in all pattern and form, the Ancient Ones are returning, reclaiming their old temples and sites and awakening people to their innate nature which is to be free, liberated from all dogmas of religions, politics, medicine, and governmental policies of food connected to pharmaceuticals, patriarchal ideas of the suppression of the Feminine which we have witnessed for over a thousand years. The ancient ones return as a revelation to destroy dogmas, old churches, old beliefs, distortions in religions. They bring a new reverence for nature, the Earth herself, the animals, the Universe, and the time before the Big Bang. I am working with the 5th element every day, in path workings, in deep rituals like the Nuctameron ( the true spiritual Vision Quest), and in the ceremonial work with the Void., the Mother of All like Hekate, and to embrace both the higher angels and the internals, light and dark, and explore Daath, to go beyond what we were taught and learn directly from the Ancient Ones again, as their frequencies liberate me from everything i was taught or was ingrained in to me by Religions, and all the forms of Manipulation in this world. I found one of the many paths of liberation and i follow this very true path of knowing the Gods and Goddesses that have been ridiculed, forsaken and made evil- when they are in fact, the very opposite. I know now that was once considered dark- is anything but. That Daat has opened both the Kabbalistic doors and the doors of the Qliphoth- and this has been genuinely revelatory and blessed. I have entered the world of Spirits and enjoyed their company, the holy Guardian Angel and much more that is unspeakable. This journey has been profound, joyful, and true.  It is human beings in their free will, in not wanting to learn their lessons or see the tests that they must go through to attain what they want- that they can cross over to a truly negative or human created denial or evil.  all the spirits i have met are not evil. The Mother of God has always taught me that she did not create anything evil or bad. Human beings in their free will create their fears, projections, hatred and harvesting of other people’s energies. Spirits help us to see through the illusions human beings create. We may go through great or minor lessons, and later be tested to realize what we believe- and it is the spirits who test us, who reveal our lessons- and i call them the old Gods and Goddesses. They are great teachers of Lessons, Tests. Most people do not want to be tested as it often shows a dark side of our own nature. Only through these tests do we develop and see ourselves dark, light, to embrace ourselves as we truly are.  I call these 5th element spirits- the in-between. They live in-between the in breath and the out breath, in between two persons, in between life and death- and to transcend life- we enter their world, the inbetween and realize ourselves, and enter their world. I have seen people disappear completely in to the in-between- where they have transcended themselves. It is very hard to return from that place. Many are taught how to enter the in-between in meditation before death, where they will themselves out of the body, while the body maintains its heartbeat, its life force, even though the spirit has left the body to the beyond by their will.  I have witnessed this and the grace and beauty this kind of passing entails. I have witnessed those that fake their own deaths, to enter in to a deeper practice of the in-between, and living still but on a higher level of frequency. These are profound practices, and i have embraced the Spirits of the In between, and they have taught this shaman and magician so much more than any book.


There are 7 Universal laws which are recipes for how things function in this physicality. Find them, study them, reveal them every day and life is revelation.

Resistance is Fear and Unworthiness. Why we do not allow, or why we do not see clairvoyantly, is the fear that we do not have power. The Subconscious mind translates fear in to no power. Fear is an excuse not to do something. Fear does not actually exist, so the subconscious translates fear in to Powerlessness. Unworthiness is that you are not Divine. We are Divine Beings. Goddess/God  is ALL.

The purpose of Life is to enjoy it. This is what Mary Magdalene writes in her gospel in the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you can not enjoy something, don’t do it. In order to have access to our own source, feel worthy, enjoy something.  It is impossible to feel bad and still be aligned.

If i resist, i will get more resistance. By observing a negative behavior or thought, you include it in your system, inside yourself. The Subconscious gives energy to it- addiction is a lack of empowerment. So, addiction is a substitute for power. A substitute needs another substitute which needs another substitute which needs another substitute and so on…

Program Light. Thought thinks new thoughts which thinks new thoughts which keeps thinking…to infinite. The dominant thought that you have keeps thinking, duplicating itself until it manifests. If you do not get the manifestation of your thought, someone else will. So do not contradict what you allow, or what you ask for, and feel worthy to allow the manifestion in to our life.

we create the world. every thought creates. you have the power of God to create.

whatever you do, effects everything.

something that comes into existence, does not cease to live. physical death is a transition, vibrations attract each other, same attracts same.

everything contains its opposite. you also reflect the opposite of someone else. different in degrees and qualities, opposites are the same.

rhythm creates a pulse. swinging back and forth like a pendulum. like a caduceus. tell the DNA what to do and it does it. Doctors create gravity to heal.  binaural beats create phantom sounds that massage the brain. Beta waves are waking states, alpha waves are to calm down. Theta is deep meditation. Delta is sleep and Astral Travel, for instance, is Delta ( astral travel is a sound)- vibrate it.

Serotonin vibration is a healthy smile. boost the immune system by mixing theta, delta, beta and alpha. manifestation is a jump from theta. Perfect health is alpha and beta. Create a good rhythm in the body.

In India, the yogis program a mango seed in front of you. They take the seed of the mango tree, and program it with akasha ( the fabric of life) deliberately. Then instead of months and years to grow a mango tree, right in front of you, you see the tree grows in an accelerated  manner. In a matter of hours, you see the seed grow in to a full mature mango tree.  Look for evidence- new pulses, rhythms, dominant pulses that sweep over your old ones. If doubt is your truth, look for evidence of what else exists.

everything is male and female at the same time. nothing is purely male or female. gender manifests. whatever you thought or felt, the idea births itself. experience gives birth to itself. have breakthrough moments: “now i get it”.

In a healing, you have to want a result. Therapists need a thick skin to survive as a therapist- you can not breakdown in front of a client. you need a thick skin.  Ignore the how, “WHAT” is more important. Go with the flow,  the rhythm, be in positive allowance, that is the law of cause and effect.

For the medicine wheel of the Native Americans, or the Wheel of Astrology, or the Sephiras, mandalas- everything in a circle feeds itself energy. If you step in to a medicine wheel with intention in the south, breaking habits in the west, embracing the shadow of your life in the north to know yourself whole, and to be inspired with the sun in the east- you are in the circle of life, the cosmos, connecting to the inner and outer, to the soul, to become a Legend.

Create your own legend. That is what every Pharaoh did….live an ethical life. write your Golden book of life. Take events from your past, and re-evaluate them from your standpoint now.

A bi- polar condition has no core to survive. Suicides repeat their lives. Never break your contract with life. Suicides of the mentally ill sends those people straight to the spiritual world, the “light”. In mental illness, experience is missing. assisted suicides go to the light.  But Persons who say: “love me or i kill myself”- these people go right back to uterus until their souls respect their own life.

Depression means : “i am not free”. you either have energy or no energy. Instead, say: ” Lead me to enthusiastic achievement of my goals”. Tachyon light is light that is faster than light; which is thought. thought conducts the stream of intention, light must follow it automatically. it attracts magnetically light. hold a thought for 30 seconds on one intention and it can manifest. Feel it in your solar plexus, third eye, and optic nerve to see. These are the 3 main centers for manifestation.

Your spiritual guide always enters from the right side. I call and invoke the air beings with incense, and i call and invoke fire beings with a flame. i disinfect my ritual area with pentagrams. Only what is invoked can stay in my space. i say: “Help us to love beyond our ideals, untangle my knots within, mend our hearts to one another, father mother God, cosmic birther, focus your life within us, make it useful with acts of compassion for all creatures…”

Mental hygiene is to break mental habits. what is your habitual thought pattern? create a dominant pattern of thinking ( a negative dominant thinking pattern for instance)  and shrink it inside of a fixed frame ( like picture frame). reduce its image in a frame, but do not reduce the size of the frame. shrink a habit to the cell core of the program. it will accept the information  as it does not think on its own. reduce it in size until it can be replaced by a positive pattern. a positive mental pattern then is at first small, inside the frame,  and eventually make it larger and larger inside the same sized frame,  for cell information to be absorbed.  inside of our bodies, is the original cell, the mother cell, one cell that we are made of. this was the first cell of our blueprint in this life. all cells in our body follow the mother cell- the source of miracle healing.

Take a false identity and bring it to the surface and replace it in this manner. Go back to the Mother Cell and find your lost vitality, as all regeneration begins in the mother cell of the body. loss of vitality is an issue of the mother cell. Give children skills, understanding and resilience -“You have so much spirit, divine love, and you will choose the best things for you”. Not telling children what to do, instead affirm what is. Parents bring children as far as possible in to divine awareness (“God/Goddess’s hands”) and then say to children “You will manage because of divinity”…

Look for resistance and ignore it. you can not win in a space of resistance. a block is a lack of alignment, a block is resistance, like being tired- “I don’t want to know. i don’t deserve it.”

Learn to balance yourself with relaxation. everything you live is selected. Things do not happen to you. If you can not deal with it, you would not attract it. memories are emotional reactions.  Put the three fingers of your hand together ( a mudra) and say: “I understand on a higher level”- learn to hold the energy longer, to concentrate without distraction. the body is meant to heal itself. i delete patterns at the soft spot at the top of my head swiping out the pattern with my hand down to my third eye. Like a credit card from the top of my head to my third eye, i swipe the pattern out with my hands. I have perfect trust in divine guidance. I swipe it in or out. belief is an autonomous pattern.  Every cell is a consciousness and talks to other cells. the body is in constant communication as a collection of experiences, dominated by emotions. I often say :”I embrace the miracle of wisdom to inspire the world”.

I often ask myself in any situation: Do i want to be right or do i want to be happy? i choose happiness, joy, not always to be right. i know my body is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic naturally. Whenever acid inflames my body with inflammation and allergies, congestions develop. Instead i restore the trace minerals in my body and delete at the top of my head to third eye- any allergies, toxins and implants. an allergy is like building a house with an unstable structure. it collapses. rebuild the structure with a healthy drink- with green juices, like celery, beet, cucumber, acai, a pinch of gold leaf or aurum, bee pollen, chlorophyll, marine phytoplankton, chia seeds, olive or fish oil and blend it altogether to drink every day to regenerate.  the physical, mental, emotional, akashic tetra polar magnet moves us out of the 3d world to the 4th level . Be the children of divinity, regenerate with the earth, as the sun  and all of creation evolves, as we now evolve to a better and better life. Evolution is about betterment.

11:11 is  a doorway. be in alignment. do yoga, meditate, relax, do something you love, enjoy that day, and focus at 11:11 Am and 11:11 PM- the doorways to the Mother God, the Goddess and her revelations. let your alignment increase your magnetism. become your original self, like the water, the air, optimistic like every plant, tree, and animal. embrace yourself as all the elements and feel the fabric of life, and reveal what you need to see. Have a revelation about yourself, and regenerate, make regeneration your dominant rhythm of thought and feeling.

This is what i am teaching this year in a hundred workshops, trainings, and shamanic circles, and seminars. No one can reprint any part of this blog unless you have written permission from me at: My teacher, Kristos, has taught me well and i always acknowledge him on these pages. He is a musician  and a Ceremonial Magician, he uses solfeggio frequencies to align, heal and regenerate the body and heart.. check it out on band camp under his name, Kristos. My new book is coming together for Inner Traditions Press and goes in to more detail on all the subjects covered in these blogs. This is 35 years of teaching, listening, and recording what I am experiencing. every day i feel the source of gratitude and appreciation for this life and those i have met. May this be the beginning of a relationship on these pages, to write knowledge fearlessly and to teach what i hold true, with responsibility and depth. We hope you enjoy this new website as we begin to teach this Summer in Los Angeles- the ancient Gods and Goddesses and how to know them through their ancient mantras or enns, and how to invoke them in rituals that can be adapted to each person and their schedules. We will open how to speed up time, how to go to the Tree of Transformation, how to know the future and your purpose and ask any questions to the Ancient Inner Plane Teachers through their individual pathworks. We take the most ancient texts of Sumeria, Babylonia, Egypt, and the Goetia, the hermeticum, the works of Honorious, of Franz Barden, of the Great Witch Grimoires, of the Demonalators, and we clean it up, clear the more convoluted and misprinted instructions- and make it accessible and clear and revealed. That has taken years for Kristos and i to decipher, to decipher old coded transcripts. Remember that Kristos can read and speak Ancient Greek, Latin and Some Sumerian and can speak Enochian in his Ceremonial Magical work.  I have loved the languages of Native Americans and have taken the Patriarchal language and slant out of the Bible to find the real magick hidden. I have always honored Buffalo Calf Woman, and have been taught the more real teachings of Mary and Magdalene before there was a Church. I remember the Sacred Grove, the original Cauldron and those who lived around it, and i wish to teach to anyone who will hear, what i have learned, beyond dogma, to the empowerment of Women and Men, and to guard Women always, and to be true to the Wise Sophia in all.

Foster Perry, February 2019 at home in Los Angeles, CA