Beautiful Buenos Aires

We are in Buenos Aires street arts, on the border of Belgrano and Las Canitas, facing the trees of San Benito church, and San Benito day is my birthday. We will go to get the Alchemical Water there and a statue of Saint Expedite. We are here for the Argentine people, to uplift the Portenos, to bless Formosa, Bariloce, to guide them through this economic turbulence, and to empower them, for what is to come in their lives, so everyone is prepared and at peace. Our 15th year together in Argentina, and my 25th year in Argentina! May our stay here be an enlightenment, a step up for all who come and see us, and may each person be guided in truth, well being, and balance in these times of great changes. May we find happiness, beauty, in the midst of economic change and chaos, and find the inner wealth, the inner peace and strength to guide us.

Buenos Aires street art