After Mercury Retrograde, and the Eclipses in this volatile summer, what you learn and are tested on will bring results. We must go through this summer, to reveal who we are under the surface, to explore our shadows and embrace what we have not lived so far in our lives.  whatever you have planned towards your higher goals, will start to move forward rapidly after the summer is over. The cycle we have just gone through- in which we are no longer under the throes of the past- our old regrets, karmas, cause and effect cycles-  symbolizes for everyone that the past ends. Time to look to the future after this summer- the end of a very long cycle of rapid inner growth, if you chose to develop further toward real goals. If a person is still ingrained with regrets, unhealthy patterns and habits, as well as dwelling on the past as an indulgence or as an excuse not to move forward- then after this summer, you will feel the same and have  more difficult challenges due to habits, more than usual. If you have been developing, working on yourself, finding creative expression for your talents, reviewing the past for lessons,allowing forgiveness to move on, then you may be building for a better future. May 25th starts a rollercoaster which entitles a person who has goals that are worked on with discipline, action and are in alignment with your higher purpose ( soul purpose) ,to begin a very holistic, green, exciting , and productive time.

To live holistically, to be green, is to be futuristic. Holistic living involves natural medicines ( herbal medicine, homeopathy, radionics, curenderas, medicine people, holistic doctors and nurses, osteopathy, etc.)  and mind techniques ( NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression techniques, Hellinger techniques of family constellation therapy, Meditation practices, Silva Life Method, etc.) , as well as ecological living ( electric/hybrid cars, ecological products, recycling, new forms in recyclable materials, solar, wind, tesla based technologies, free energy, etc.)  and spiritual ecology ( shamanism, gnostic hermetics, mindfulness training, vipassana, yoga, healing methods: reiki, massage, bodywork, etc.) . Our bodies and minds both have to be developed at the same time- so yoga and mind training to learn higher disciplines to live better are helpful,and essential. To do the Bar Method or to workout in a gym both physically and mentally are more required as time progresses. To move constantly, with awareness, is the future and how we prepare for it. Movement is the key.

We are all faster, with internet, with our bodies, with nature, as everything moves to a higher frequency of living- a way of living where time itself has changed- whether you resist it or not- life has changed. To be in alignment with these changes and to be in a flow or rhythm  that rise

When we enter 2020, we are entering a long cycle of “2”s- a feminine cycle, less ego “1” based- which will bring water. Waters will flood, Water will rise on coastlines, as fire cleans away what we hold on to, our possessions, phantoms and thought forms built over time. After the fire, comes flooding again- waters that cleanse out the old, the dogmatic thinking, cleansing the material clinging to possessions, old momentos of the past- erasing what we hold on to. This swiping clean happens periodically but the “2” brings water, land masses emerging out of the Atlantic ocean, oceans filling with melting glaciers,  raising the water tables 55 feet. Not a great time later in the 2020’s to live near the oceans, near water masses that will flood, and the waves that come with seismic shifts. This Great Purification has already begun, but builds momentum as the Sun, the Universe, is changing, moving, evolving, changing gravity, to change the weather, the consciousness, as we are all shaken up to what is important and real, true, in life.

On the bright side, evolution is happening all around us. Look forward to advances in medicine where we grow our own organs, and extend our life plan by 50 years due to new advances in brain research. As we live longer, we find new ways to end diseases, and transform medicine in to a curative model with new patterns of living in which we monitor our own health. In countries that embrace these spiritual changes, the changes in the sun’s energy, a bright future, that is very technological, is coming even faster. Holographic television emerges, advanced alchemical formulas as supplements have been arriving that boost immunity with ancient food sources, and the tidal wave of creativity for a new century continues, with new computer forms and phones which temporarily replaces  telepathy, teleportation, in a technological way, in this century. 50% of the world develops and 50% of the world goes down, without development, living in the past,  and slowly commits suicide on a level we have not seen before. This means a possible war, deluge, and a lack of evolution, that this planet will no longer tolerate as it is a living being, raising its frequency with the rest of the universes. As Earth herself regenerates, all that opposes regeneration self-immolates.

This is a cyclical process, of solar flares, explosions on the sun at distinct periods that create events like September 11, then the Great Arab Spring, and the next wave arrives 2021 -2023 and a period of rapid growth begins- so it is the time projects finally go forward. USA does incredibly well, and those countries that evolve, develop according to principles (universal) will also develop very well. Those countries in archaic models of tribalism, blame,  suppression of women, gays, transgender, scapegoating and intolerance, and racism, will self-destruct from within  and will face an opposition so strong by those who hold change and evolution so dear to their principles.  All change is for the better, to provide solutions to the world on every level- from finances to religion. This is the century that ends religion, as spirituality is the future of humankind- a spiritual civilization or what kristos and i call an equal creational society.

In Atlantis, they tried to create equality with all persons, no one higher or lower, but equal, creational and it failed. As long as North Korea wants nuclear weapons as one example, – when we give everyone the knowledge that is often volatile and can be misused- people destroy with in , instead of living in harmony in a truly creational society. This world of human beings when it is out of harmony, as it is now, allows us to see in a dark time.  This experiment in living has failed before, but as we again rise over the next 400-500 years- the goal for all- is to get us to an equal creational society. Much will happen before that happens…so be ready for great changes on a societal level.

Nature is rejuvenating and wants aesthetic as well as natural evolution of the body, the brain, to move toward a kind of x-men, x-woman hybrid development- or mutation of human beings. There have always been mutants on Earth, like Einstein and the research on his brain after he died. As we mutate, we naturally see, and  experience, in a more heightened way. We develop with the Earth in alignment with the Cosmos through physical, mental and spiritual practices which culminate in a response to a global ecological crisis in this century. To work on what you want to do, your new chosen mission in life, and in helping this world and others as well as yourself in alignment with this planet, you will develop beyond karma, to create a better world. That is the plan. To look, feel better is going to require discipline, listening to universal laws, studying ancient sources and making modern applications of a more ancient civilizations ( like the Pyramid builders- we use pyramid technology for immortality, for rejuvenation and we teach this). Go forward to a brighter future that you are creating, vs. the other half of the world which goes down a path of resistance, self-destruction, and negativity. Optomism is the true way to live with all of nature,  as evolution is finding solutions, not problems. Live the solutions, create solutions, and enjoy your life as that is living in harmony with nature!

Foster Perry, July 2019, Los Angeles