2019 Year of Empowerment – of Motivation- to Stay Positive to See Results.

We want everyone to know that this year is a year of empowerment – of motivation- to stay positive to see results. Always develop and cultivate a feeling inside for what you want. Not just a verbal declaration but a feeling that draws what you want to you.

Instead of complaining about what you do not have, or wanting more and more, create a feeling inside and draw what you want to you without envy of what other’s have. Remember that a positive inner feeling is also protective, strengthening the auric system and drawing to you what is also positive. It is a discipline to train your mind and heart to not worry about the future, and instead to re-direct that same energy to a positive internal feeling and image of what you want your life to be and your Presence in your life. The image is important- to see the house you want to live in, to see the optimal body you want, to see the car and have a feelling for it, draws it in to your sphere. Do what you love, cultivate joyful feelings from comedic films, doing something positive for another- all that creates a good feeling inside- which translates in to drawing to you what you want. The subconscious mind is full of implanted information from what others said you should feel and do, and the feelings you had about what they implanted. If these implants are negative and contradict what you want, you bang against them. Creating more positive implants in the subconscious eventually overrides the negative. Re-orienting yourself toward positive goals and feeling emotionally intelligent helps you to choose the positive implants from the subconscous mind paving a path to manifestation. Holding an image of what you want, and feeling in to that image equals manifestation of the desired goal. Getting rid of the idea that people who do spiritual work should not make excess money or be too successful is a negative implant- or being told over and over how fat you are and undesireable- is incorrect thinking and negative implants. So, disempower those implants by ignoring them. What you ignore for long enough, leaves, and can transform in to what you are paying attention to. Pay attention to a feeling what you love, what you truly desire, or what feels so right for you, imagine it thoroughly as if it is totally here now. Be consistent, disciplined in staying with that goal. The issue we have is that we contradict what we want by saying to othes contradictory statements. We hear or feel ourselves contradicting our own desires constantly. That is a mixed message! Stay the course, feel the course of your desires, track them. Destroy contradictions by ignoring them. Catch yourself contradicting yourself and notate it and then ignore it. Eventually, contradictions lose their power over you, their power to direct your life and not give you what you want. Be in alignment with your goals, feeling, imagining and affirming those goals each day consistently. Use any  form  of hypnosis , silva mind methods, or anything that works for you- with alert attention and you can see results. Believe in that power in yourself that does effect change in your life. Last, be grateful for the results- be grateful to yourself and to your helpers, guides, angels, genies, daimons, ancient Goddesses and Gods.. Most of all, learn to be selfish enough to want to have desires, to have a SELF, to believe and build up the worth and value of yourSelf! To help others, to achieve financial goals, emotional goals, we need to build up the self and take care of ourselves first. Fill the well of the self with clear water, clear desire, and warmth and trust in you. The well will fill up, the fountain will grow, and what you get is a reflection of that Self back to you in your outer life from the inner feeling.


Empowerment of both women and men is the practice of development. Because men are disempowered, so they disempower women. First, we must look at our own self created thought forms and phantoms. Once you believe something negative, arguing, fighting,- you created an aggressive thought form that over time, if you indulge it- becomes a phantom that lives in its own world. These phantoms, golems, created by you, eventually have a life of their own, wanting more attention as energy, and demanding more and more attention- like anger, rage, crying, disabling oneself more. This is true disempowerment. We create our own entities that demand more of the same emotion from us and we get foggy, confused, diffuse, and eventually are caught up in the illusion we have created. To destroy a phantom is not easy- but by not giving it any more energy, time, attention, they do die out of neglect without the food they seek constantly.

Humanity projects these self created thought forms and phantoms on to Spirits. We have labeled them demons, devils, shadows that torment us. But the Devil is our own shadow- it is does not exist- it is a Phantom. The Devil is a human created thought form that over time became a huge Phantom of Fear and Abuse. It is all humanly created. Religion feeds this phantom, polarizing people with fear, to disempower those who believe in a Devil.  When Witches were burned for being beautiful women or for owning land or having money, or for herbology, healing and offering readings to help people- they were accused of carousing with the devil. Not one witch has ever know who that is- they have no conception of the Devil. The old Gods and Goddesses were demonized by the church. In fact, most Female Teachers, Female Goddesses, Female Strits were all Demonized. Shaitan, the ancient Sumerian Goddess, was turned in to Satan, something evil. Shaitan, herself, is Spirit, beyond Form, the Void, and much more. She is not evil as Spirit is not evil. This is dogma, programming over a thousand year period. Shaitaan herself is the Lady of Lessons. Whatever you want, comes with a lesson. IF you want to attain something, you must be prepared to go through a series of lessons, tests, to achieve a goal. She will make you look at your own shadow, and what is in the way of attaining your goal. She make you see yourself in the Mirror. Is she evil or dark- not at all.

Lucifer was demonized as the Fallen Angels- but once again, they are Spirits who came to help humanity, who fell to Earth to assist us our of Darkness. Lucifer, which is invoked in every Catholic latin mass- is the Light bringer, the Greatest Light, the transforming tree, the Bender of Time, and not a devil. In fact, there is nothing dark in Lucifer except that he/she is bi-sexual, enjoys sexuality, understand how difficult it is to live on Earth. He has come down like many spirits to be closer to this plane and get the job done. These so called fallen angels or spirits were demonized by religion- but are in fact liberators from dogma, control…and are the opposite of what most people believe. We live in a very manipulated time on all levels, and to be empowered we need to find the more ancient Gods and Goddesses that Christ and Mary also met and understood. We have to return to the Genies, the Genii, the Spirits, who are Guides, Advisors, helpers on our path. The real liberation is to meet this spirits who do not want to be seen in Gothic devilish images implanted over the century- but they want to be seen for who they are.

AS kristos says, he sees the so called demons or daimons as the ancient old gods and Goddesses- wearing often hawaiian clothing, ordinary clothes that are comfortable. “Why should we not be comfortable when you call us?” they say. They have been kind, remarkable teachers and always come with tests. Why were they demonized? Because few people truly want to be tested, looking at themselves in the black mirror, and seeing their own darkness, their own negativity. Few people truly wanted to grow. I have always embraced their tests, their lessons, and it has lead me to mastery of myself, to follow myself, and no religion or dogma. I learned to be good to people and to treat spirits the same way- with kindness, strength, fortitude and respect.  To treat spirits as horrible demons is the same as demonizing people because they do not believe what you believe. Spirits always bring me to a revelation. I learned how all the old temples are built on top of older sites of sacred groves where women gathered, sang, sometimes naked, free and alive, amassing tremendous powers. I have seen how women, when they come together in a circle, create a true cone of energy, and powers. I have always respected this. Women are spiritual, and it is time to stop demonizing women and turning everything they believed in- in to devils, demons. The hatred and disempowerment of women over centuries began with the fear of woman’s ability to give birth. A woman creates life, she is the womb of creation, and a man can not do that. Men demonized the spiritual lives of women over hundreds of years – enslaving, torturing, hanging, burning wise women, beautiful maidens, and wealthy women to get their land and possessions and steal their spirited beliefs.  I know this to be true, systematic, and truly my definition of demonic behavior. Human beings projected on to women – their fears of her powers, and then systematically usurped those powers for men. The ancient books hidden away, masculinized. Jehovah, Yahweh, Yod Hey Vod Hey, never to be spoken of- because these are Feminine. No man wanted to say God is Feminine and beyond male and female. Instead the phrase: “Elohim”: was mistranslated on purpose in the Bible to mean “Sons of Heaven” instead of its true meaning- that the Creators are the “Daughters of Heaven, of the Sky”. We have been taught lies by religions for a long time, and we see now the reaction. Women want freedom, independence, to choose for themselves and to find their Spirits again. To return to nature, to connect to what they lost, through years of subjugation spiritually. I do not believe in the Good Christians of old, as i have seen their tortuous, cruelty over centuries still occurring with priests and nuns to this day and the terrible actions in the press. Many of the Saints were ancient Gods and Goddesses, who believed, communed with Spirits and practiced Magick. This i truly know. Padre Pio, whom i admire and respect, was a great Saint, never recognized by the Church, because he worked with the Spirits. The Spirits open the gates to real knowledge- and i have experienced this and talk first hand. It is a time to wake up, to follow the spiritual call as many men were disempowered as well, and are looking for real identity. This world now is the aftermath  of amazing control and manipulation on a large scale. Every time we eat vegan for instance, it is an act of defiance. When we protect an animal from slaughter. When we choose a naturopathic remedy, or regenerate the soil with bio-remediation. These are not fringe acts anymore- they are growing in to an organized force for change in the way we see this world with out demonizing it. The Church itself demonized nature, and as a shaman, i can not tolerate that. Nature is the true source of healing and balance.  We must guard and honor the Feminine again, restore her faith in her self and the ancient Ones, for her to know her true knowledge. Gay people have always been the Protectors of Women. For men, it is a time of great change, of values, of realizing our own spiritual strength in exposing truth, and a balanced way to live- not greed, one upmanship and its endless competition. Competition can make us in to better people up to a point of cooperation, to understand true leadership and to initiated spiritually. I understand the Chiefs, The Elders, when they see uninitiated men who come in to positions of power they are not prepared for. Female, Male initiation in to our own truths, is dawning.  Without cults, old belief systems, but honest experience and having a feeling for that experience of empowerment is here. We, like many, are here to empower people to be responsible for themselves, for what each person creates, and not to blame God or anyone else. There is no one to blame. You are what you think, feel and do. You live your choices. You chose your life, whether  you realize it or not, and to grow, learn more and make better choices is essential. help others. help others to get there, to make clearer, more informed choices and help them gradually, when ready, to strip off these illusions, this demonization of women and spirit, and embrace that these spirits want a relationship with us. They are returning after half a century of madness and materialism, industrialization and technology- and return with wisdom to those who hear them. Relationships with the spirits is spirituality. They are experts, guides, teachers, who all have jobs to do, on whatever level they work, and none is truly higher or lower. They each have their particular job to do, and their frequency. I have found the light in the shadow, the light in the Void of Darkness, and i have embraced it with all my heart. it is not easy to overcome a century of dogmas, but i have woken up to the Dawn, the first Light, and i have ethics, but i do not judge anyone morally. We are what we believe. I have always show real kindness, and love, and have helped so many to understand that first Light.


Be practical. Be optomistic, take homeopathic sunlight if you are depressed or put a tiny bit of gold in water and drink the water. take sunlight as olive oil in a teaspoon in the morning. put gold in your heart to have the sun there. if you are a man, take the flower remedy of sunflower (find it on the web!under flower remedies). If you are a woman who needs to feel the feminine from within, take the flower remedy- mariposa lily! order it from the web! if your heart needs healing, take arnica homeopathically and heal that broken heart and move forward. Take the relationships hypnosis cd and feel good for a change! Do not worry about bills or losing your home or loved ones ( instead focus that energy on – all bills paid now, all loved ones protected and secure now and influenced to make good choices surrounded by good people- experiment with feeling and visualization and make it happen! I am so grateful all my bills are paid in time now, my home paid off entirely now, my home secure and protected ,my body healthy, joyful and dynamic, and in touch with my soul’s optomism and greater strength. I am so grateful for my true friends, for what i have already achieved, and for who I am. When you say; “i love you” to someone you are also saying to yourself “i love me”. Believe that now- and do not contradict the self love, self worth, self confidence. Be dynamic- make your body move- take care of yourself again- and enjoy yourself when you are doing it ( though it is often tough love, tough work to keep the body in motion). Ignore the pain, and find joy in moving the body! Who cares what people think. Never care what ANYONE THINKS OF YOU. As i get older, it really does not matter anymore how others think of me. I let myself look good in the mirror for me. I take care of myself. i go after what i want and even when i am discouraged, i find my heart and it’s warmth leads me further to a refined goal. I review my life and then go forward, seeing what works and what does not work. I review the day before i go to sleep. I do not have to beat myself up. I focus on what was positive, llife affirming and true. what i focus on, is what i get. We all have diffferent talents- find your talents, gifts- your life plan. Do not try to be a singer if you can not sing. Educate yourself in your gifts- find out what you love to do and what makes you passionate to discover while you are in a body! make good use of your time here. everyone has a talent this life- now go and have a intention and feeling to discover it. Real dreams come from real talents. Personally, i am talented in design, in healing, in music, and have a very good eye for art/aesthetic, for empathy, for communication, etc…and i develop those talents. i am not here to be a rocket scientist! not my talent this life. i could develop new talents,  as everything is possilbe, but it will take a long find the talents you have now, to live life to the fullest and appreciate those talents finally. Who cares what people say- i created a healing, motivational work when so many said i was “crazy”- and now it is successful and works! Find the talent- and live it.

That is my blog for today, all the best in life to whoever reads this and know that mayan phrase: “I am another yourself” or the namaste phrase; “The God in me salutes the God in you”. That is how i feel these days, connected on a deeper level with all life and sentience. I do not feel separate, but full in the Pleroma.

Foster Perry, Jyly 2019

at home in Los Angeles.