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Join us on the Mystic Tour of Mt. Shasta, California, one of the 7 Sacred Mountains of the World, one of the 13 major vortexes of the world. A Holy Mountain of Mysteries.

Towering to a height of 14,125 feet, Mt. Shasta is a pristine environment of purity, clear water, surrounded by 7 sacred lakes, caverns, lava tubes, and is a dormant volcano, and a mecca for spiritual pilgrims seeking solace.

Sitings of UFO's. Big Foot, Lemurians and remnants of Atlantis, Hidden Temples, and entrances to the City of Telos, abound in this sacred site. A nearby observatory searches the skies for UFOs, funded by Microsoft, because of the great electromagnetic activity in the region. Spiritual travelers, Masters, have visited Mt. Shasta for its deep presence of peace and its doorways to other worlds. The Mountain calls people to experience the unexplainable - from sitings of the Little People, 4 feet tall Guardians of the entrances, to the Lemurian inhabitants of Agharta, Telos and underground cities and tunnel systems that connect to Mt. Shasta. We will visit the site of St. Germaine, where he meditated and left something extraordinary for us to find. We explore the many esoteric books written about and in Mt. Shasta over the last 130 years. Why did St. Germaine visit Mt. Shasta? We will explore this question thoroughly and study the Mysteries and Hermetic Teachings of Higher Mind and Heart Development as in ancient times. We will walk in nature, drink clear spring water and heal ourselves in a true powerful vortex.

We will activate our energy system in the sacred site of MT. SHASTA through practices, teachings, rituals, meditations, and walks on the Mountain, teaching outdoors in the meadows (Panther Meadow), where Masters taught the Universal Laws and Hermetics. You will feel your senses heightened as we challenge you to enlighten your mind, body and soul. In combination with Peru (Lake Titicaca, the Urubamba Valley, and Macchu Picchu), Mt. Shasta is the Northern energetic vortex of the Americas along with Mt. Denali in Alaska. Mt. Shasta is a place of true regeneration, a great beacon of light for spiritual pilgrims, and one of the 12 major power centers for the Earth, where the ley lines converge, and doorways open multidimensionally for those who are trained and those who seek a real awakening.

We are arriving in the aftermath of Lughnasadh or Lughnasa, the Gaelic Wiccan holiday, the astronomical midpoint between the summer solstice and the Autumn Equinox, where many celebrate on the Full Moon nearest this point which is on August 7th. Our tour culminates at 11:11 AM, the exact time of the Full Moon on August 7th. The first fruits or full moon at this time is a showering of blessings, a harvest of soul and abundance, and a great time to renew yourself in nature, at the top of a sacred mountain, in a pristine environment, suffused with spiritual energy. We will conduct a ceremony on the mountain at that exact alignment, to draw in and culminate all the teachings and practices in one ecstatic moment.

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime teaching, explaining who the Masters were and their purpose, and learn to harness the energies in Mt. Shasta for enlightenment, strength, and transformation to fulfill your life's purpose. The Mountain's peaceful presence reveals clarity of mind, purification of the past, and ancient history and knowledge. We will guide you through your healings and awakenings while we are there. It is the most important place in the United States and is America's principal sacred vortex. Full of vital energy, it is the Wintu tribe and Native American tribal sacred mountain, home of Spirit Chief Skell. An overwhelming protection surrounds you, as lenticular, spherical clouds surround the mountain top, and stories and myths emerge- a place of great Mystery that we will guide you through and beyond. There are numerous stories of the little people who protect the hidden cities, the 7 feet tall Lemurians who visited the town of Mt. Shasta carrying gold in recent times, the hermits, the caves, lava tubes, and hidden underground cities and cities in the clouds. A magickal place that we will attempt to uncover, reveal, and make contact with the spirit of the Mountain, to renew our souls for Lammas and the Full Moon. A truly auspicious event where Kristos will give his main teaching and ritual of the year and Foster will lead us to explore on foot one of the great sacred and shamanic places of the world.

Arrive August 2nd at Sacramento airport, where private vans will take us to Mt. Shasta and your Hotel, where you will stay for 6 nights, culminating on August 7th, the full moon ceremony at 11:11 AM. On August 8th after breakfast, you will be transported to Sacramento airport to fly home.
Our hotel is the Mt. Shasta Best Western plus Tree House, a charming rustic retreat at the entrance of Mt. Shasta, near to the main sites, which has the received the highest hotel rating in this region. It is close to the main Cavern, the entrance to Agharta, and the city of Telos, the Crystal of Black Butte, the home of Spirit Chief Skell, as well as Lake Siskiyou, Panther Meadow, and all the mystic sites around the summit of this 14,125 foot mountain.

Price: $2,799 dollars includes lodging for 6 nights and a final dinner celebration. All transportation from Sacramento Airport to Mt. Shasta and back and all transportation within Mt. Shasta is included. No other meals are included. Airfare to and from Sacramento airport is not included. An additional supplement for breakfast is available.

Arrival on August 2, 2017 where a shuttle van will pick up the entire group by 1 PM at Sacramento Airport at our Meeting Point. At 1 PM, we depart for Mt. Shasta together. We leave August 8, 2017 right after breakfast from Mt. Shasta to get your flights back home from Sacramento Airport. Mt. Shasta is approximately 2,5 -3 hours from Sacramento airport. Please book your own flights or ask Marcela Pazos to book your flights and Sacramento hotels for you at: You must reserve your place online with a $1,000.00 deposit at the bottom of this page to hold your place, or pay the total price in advance of $2,799. You can pay by Amex, MasterCard or Visa. If you wish to pay by PayPal, go to: and pay either the deposit or full price by PayPal. You can wire money to Golden Hummingbird, Inc. directly by writing: (please book your flights according to this itinerary- arrive before 1 PM on August 2nd and leave after noon on August 8th!).

We have a Spanish translation for the journey!

Join us for this Great Adventure in Consciousness, Higher Mind Development, Self-mastery, Healing and beauty with like minded souls! This tour will never be repeated and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for spiritual immersion in a true sacred place of Great Mystery. Tour price includes all teachings, a private guide in Mt. Shasta, transportation to sacred sites, rituals, ceremonies and a workbook. May this journey be a great blessing for your soul in 2017!