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Magical Kabbalistic Amulets and Talismans

Magical Kabbalistic Amulets and Talismans

Kristos is creating handmade amulets and talismans.

They are handmade on real animal parchment, personalized and customized to bless, assist and magically support various aims on the path to fulfillment.

These amulets have to be written during certain times according to ancient traditions. The power of divine names and magic squares, empowered through a secret cabalistic ritual by Kristos. With your order please provide your name, your mothers first name and your exact birthdate. If you choose a life seal you have to provide us of a print or outline of your hand and may submit it via email, fax or mail with your order.

You can choose the following subjects:

Love / Relationships Success / Money / Business / Health/ Pregnancies
Life Seal / Protection from evil energies and protection for the home!

The invest:
Amulet / Talisman 60$ + 9% tax
Solomon's seal 130$ + 9% tax
Life seal 199$ + 9% tax

The life seals and solomon seal must be at home as they are too large to carry (size is about 25x22.5 cm / 9x8 inches) but the amulets/ talisman must be carried on the body either in a small bag or in a locket, but they are the only ones that should be carried in general. Also no problem having various pieces as they complement each other through the names of God.

Allow 2 -3 weeks for delivery as the timing has to be calculated individually.

Please order through Nicole Heidemann e-mail: mailto: