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Foster Perry Los Angeles Weekend Workshop on Angels, Archangels, Khodams and Lwas
August 4-5 with optional August 3 for Kabbalistic angels and more Angels for Healing

August 4-5: Foster Perry teaches Angelic and Archangelic rituals, Khodams, and Lwa rituals for empowerments in August.
We go deeply in to contacting Angels - Virtues, Thrones, Archangels and delve in to Middle Eastern Khodams and their Kings, and finally Loa rituals of Kether, of Dhambhala and the Rainbow. These are beautiful rituals Foster taught last year throughout Europe and in Buenos Aires, and  Kristos taught in Barcelona and Brazil- we will add more information than before, but keep the rituals intact and build on their energy and strength to change our lives. This contact is deeply empowering, life enhancing and amazing to be part of. Each person must create a Black Mirror, buy a white and black pillar candle, and can record the entire workshop for future study, with workbook included. 

If you want an optional August 3rd- Foster will teach more angelic shamanism and  angelic magical training to go deeper in to Kabbalistic angels, their invocations, and their protection. Healing with Angels, Angelic seals and sigils are also taught on Friday, August 3rd for those people called to participate who want to deepen their knowledge and work with specific angels in healing, to prevent accidents, to divine the future,  and meet more angelic groups. This day we will have another angelic initiation with a separate workbook.

August 4-5 is 350 US Dollars, excluding taxes, and includes lunch.
August 3-5 is 450 US Dollars excluding taxes, and includes lunch.

We begin each day at 10 AM and finish by 7 PM . Gluten and Dairy free Lunch is served at 1PM. Free shuttle service is provided for all days from Sportsman's Lodge and Studio City Courtyard Hotel in Studio City, CA and to Mikado Hotel in North Hollywood.

Contact: Golden Hummingbird Europe and USA
Nicole Heidemann
Tel: +49(0)911 8159 648 or in USA: (+1) 424-355-0050
Fax: +49(0)911 8159 649
Cell: +49(0)172 86 191 05

Tel: +49(0)911 8159 648 or call in USA: (+1) 424-355-0050
Fax: +49(0)911 8159 649
Cell: +49(0)172 86 191 05

Lodging for Workshop if you do not live in Los Angeles:
We recommend accommodations at Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel, Studio City, a design hotel 7 minutes from our Center near Starbucks, a 24 hour grocery and Studio City shops and restaurants.
12825 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA
Toll Free: 800 821 8511
Local: 818 769 4700
Studio City Court Yard Hotel, 12933 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA, phone: 1-866-460-7456. A less expensive alternative to stay only 7 minutes from our Center with free transportation back and forth every day, and you can have your own kitchenette in each room!
Mikado hotel, 12600 Riverside Drive, North Hollywood, CA, phone: 1-818-293-1949- a Japanese owned hotel with sushi restaurant within walking distance of Whole Foods with reasonable prices. we will pick you up and drop you off each day of the training. 11 minutes from our center.

We offer a free shuttle service to all three hotels for your convenience to our Center
All food for lunch is included in this price. All food is Home Made Vegan and Raw Food with luscious desserts and Nutritional Tastey food made by Kristos.
Every group is different and we teach whatever we feel the group needs - so teachings change depending on the group! but it is always a rich and rewarding experience for all.
Foster welcome you to groups of 12-15 participants per workshop for more one on one personal contact and group support and nurturing.
The seminar fee does not include the costs for lodging, and airfares to Los Angeles.
To make your reservation please call or email the Golden Hummingibird Office. You can pay directly through our secured shopping cart with a credit card.
A deposit of 50% is required to hold your space. The balance is due 21 days prior to the beginning of the worskhop. Payment can be made by MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit cards. A Cashiers Check or money order in US Dollars needs to be made out to Golden Hummingbird Inc.. You may also wire the money directly to one of our bank accounts in USA or Germany (please call, fax or email for details) or you may visit our secured website at

Cancellation policy:

  1. If cancellation happens 10 days before any training or journey with Golden Hummingbird, the participant forfeits the total payment with no refunds under any circumstances.
  2. If cancellaton of the training / journey happens 21 to 10 days before the start of the training / journey, there will be a 50% refund minus the 150 US Dollar processing fee.
  3. If cancellation of the training / journey happens more than 21 days before the start of the journey, there will be 100% refund minus the 150 US Dollar processing fee.
  4. If someone pays a deposit or cancels the journey at any time, Golden Hummingbird, Inc. deducts the 150 US Dollar processing fee if someone cancels their journey for any reason.
  5. Once the workshop has begun, there will be no refunds.

This healing workshop with Angels will take place in Fosters and Kristos home in Beverly Hills, CA.
2451 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, tel: (+1) 424-355-0050.

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