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7 days Detox - Personal Healing - and Nutrition Training with Foster and Kristos in Beverly Hills, California in USA

An amazing journey in to deep cleansing, losing weight through losing toxicity, with hermetic teachings, nutritional guidance, vegan food that is nurturing to the soul- all home cooked, gluten free and dairy free. We journey to Sacred Sites around Los Angeles and visit the beach, the gardens, and hike each day to detox our mind and bodies. Through hypnosis, mind training, alpha training - Kristos takes us on a humorous and helpful understanding of past lives, karmic influences, and the reading of the aura, clearing the thought forms that are important for true healing. He is a profound teacher of Magick, Alchemy, Kabbalah, and will give both beginning and advanced teachings as well as being your personal Chef to learn how to cook raw and vegan food. His teachings are profoundly life affirming and from ancient lineages.

Foster will teach Shamanic healing and personally work on each person. He will go in depth so that you learn the techniques he uses, and to invoke Saints, Guides, Angels and go further in to Plant Medicines, Plant teachers, and detox through plant spirits for perfect health and to bless your life spiritually. This is one week of Healing- and intensive, full of gratitude and joy for how Spirit heals us and is transformative on all levels. You can rest at the beach, by the pool, ask questions, challenge yourself, and at the same time heal your body and mind. A deep and beautiful 7 days together limited to only 15 persons maximum.

Alchemy to rebuild the body hormonally, energetically, physically is taught in depth. Kristos is teaching Nutrition, Alchemy and how to practically heal yourself. A ground breaking workshop on the cutting edge of Nutritional awareness.Transformational and in depth Shamanic healing techniques for the mind and body from Foster Perry.

Our Center is easy to get to from LAX international airport, with free shuttle transportation to accommodations either at Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, California, Studio City Courtyard hotel (7 minutes from our center) or Mikado Hotel in North Hollywood. . All lunches and dinners are included in this Training. A one time event for purification. Cost: $1599 includes all meals: Gourmet Home Cooked Raw and Vegan food, private instruction and personal healing with full detox program. Airfare and hotel accommodations not included.

Training in Personal Healing and Detox/Nutrition Workshop begins on July 21st at 12 Noon. We will pick up everyone at their hotels at 11: 30 AM and lunch will be served that day. Training ends on July 28th at 6 PM. Do not book flights until 9 PM that night or later. Dinner will be served the final night.

Contact: Golden Hummingbird Europe and USA
Nicole Heidemann
Tel: +49(0)911 8159 648 or call in USA: (+1) 424-355-0050
Fax: +49(0)911 8159 649
Cell: +49(0)172 86 191 05



NEW TRAINING IN MAGICK, SHAMANISM, AND SPIRITUALITY: August 19- August 26, 2018: A NEW Comprehensive Healing and Training with Foster and Kristos in Beverly Hills

Los Angeles Training in Hermetics , Healing and Shamanism with Foster and Kristos at our Center. In this training we will begin the Advanced Shamanic Wicca and Kabbalah Magick with Tarot, Tarot Pathways with Astrology, Herbal remedies, Root Magick, Plant Familiars, Star magic, Planetary Rituals, Conjuring, Mojo bags, visits to the main Witch of Los Angeles for herbs, remedies and Candle magic. Talismans, with Beginning and Advanced techniques and Healings for each person attending. A full advanced training with personal instruction in a transformative, healing, and relaxed environment with pool, relaxation areas, healthy food to detox, in depth rituals and spiritual and magickal practices. An amazing one time event! This is our year of all new teachings- this training includes a day of personal healing with Foster and initiations. a total work of transformation.

Cost: 1599 US Dollars, does not include lodging or airfare, but includes all home cooked meals (lunch and dinner) - vegan and raw food and free shuttle service to both studio city hotels- Sportsmen's Lodge, Studio City, Studio City Courtyard hotel and Mikado hotel in North Hollywood (7 minutes drive back and forth each day of training). Airfare and accommodations not included.
Start of the training: 19th August, 2018 at 10 AM, hotel pick up at 9:30 AM.
End of the training: 26th August, 2018, after lunch at 2 PM. book Flights from 5:30 PM onwards this day. (Training on all levels: Shamanism, Hermetics and Healing with Kristos and Foster)

The August Comprehensive training will be in English. If more than 5 persons comes from any country, we will provide translation.

Contact: Golden Hummingbird Europe and USA
Nicole Heidemann
Tel: +49(0)911 8159 648 or call in USA: (+1) 424-355-0050
Fax: +49(0)911 8159 649
Cell: +49(0)172 86 191 05





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