Tour Schedule 2017
MT. Shasta Tour
Comprehensive Healing and Training in Hermetics and Shamanism with Foster and Kristos in Beverly Hills
Detox, nutrition and consciouness retreat
Magical Kabbalistic Amulets and Talismans
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The Art of Shamanism
Kabbalah and Avatar Trainings
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Golden Hummingbird 30th Anniversary
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Angelic Kabbalah, Wicca, and Nutritional Alchemy Trainings

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Oct. 27-29: Kristos 3-days Magic Training, Marcela Pazos organizer

Contact: Marcela Pazos
Cell phone (+54) 11 4410-8897
Fax (+54) 11 45048945

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nov. 10-12: Kristos's Magickal Training in Sao Paulo - Kristos teaches a full training in the magical arts of how to protect yourself, your home, how to use Kabbalah to plan your life, magickal seals to prevent others from harming you, magickal seals for healing and restoring the body, for wealth, with new teachings- a full 3 day training not to be repeated again, only for brazil, and this year only. Each day 10 AM- 8 PM.

Contact: Laura Pedrotti (Aura Artes), Director Golden Hummingbird Brazil
Phone: (++55) 21-2274-9120 or (++55) 21-3258-4294
Fax: (++55) 21-2239-3288
Cell: (++55) 21-9400-6939 or: (++55) 21-9265-4377

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